Buying hoppers


Someone let me know please about how the prices for hoppers compare at the various places you can buy them – online from Disney, at the gate, at the resort, at Maple Leaf, through a TA, or AAA, etc. Are there discount options out there, like if you have the Disney Visa card? Is it cheapest to get them when you book a package?


I bought them from maple leaf one year to be honest that place was creepy, it was inside a hotel(not a very nice one) the tickets were a little cheaper not alot and they are paper easy to mess up they worked well up until the last day my DD would not work so we had to go through the “customer Service” line That was not at all fun. So since then we just do MYW packages. Hope this helps you.


I would say that the paper tickets are the biggest drawback of the various re-sellers. I have found it depends on how many days and what options you use on tickets as to who is cheapest. Disney Tickets | Buy Discount Disney World Tickets turned out to be the cheapest for this next trip but Maple Leaf was cheaper in other scenarios I tried and Disney was actually the cheapest for one idea I tried.


I bought my hoppers from disney online. They came to my house in 4 business days. I have never had an issue with them and always buy them from disney unless I am on a package.


I have a kind of related question…are they cheaper buying them from home (not a MYW package) or buying them once you get to the resort. I’d rather buy them at the resort so I dont do something dumb like forget them–that way they can be on our Key to the World as well. But if they’re cheaper that throws a wrench in the plans!


I think it’s the same price at the resort as it is from home (different sales tax I think), but the same price. The gate prices are what is more expensive I believe, but don’t quote me on that. You are best off buying them from home so you are able to make a copy of the tickets in case they are lost or stolen. I make two copies and put one in my suitcase and one in my carry-on. Both go in the safe once I get to the resort. WDW is able to give you another ticket in case it’s lost, stolen or left home. They are able to make your pass into a resort key combo at check-in or at least they used to be able to do that. Shouldn’t be an issue.