Buying More Points


Does anyone know how much additional points are running currently at SSR? Also, is there a minimum number you have to buy?

And does anyone have the DVC sales person Kathy Rader’s email address?


SSR is at $104 per point right now with a $10 per point discount option. Or you can choose double developer points if you want. Minimums are 160 if you are not a DVC member and 100 if you are doing an add to get the above deals.


The absolute minimum is 25 at a time


You may want to consider buying resale. DW and I used the Timeshare Store when we bought our 50 point contract for VWL.

If you want any info, PM me and I will forward everything I have on TSS…they are fantastic people to work with and will do everything they can to make you happy!


They are running some promotions on closing out SSR. Call your advisor and see what’s happening.

Resale can be good way to buy but watch out for closing costs. That can really run your cost per point up on small contact - what looks like a good price could be much less of a bargin. is also good place to look.

May want to consider what month your current ownership is in. I’d imagine that it could get pretty crazy trying to keep the points straight if they are all from different months.