Buying TIW at the parks?


I know you can buy the card at the parks but can you buy it everyday of the week? To call, it’s only Monday thru Friday, so now I’m wondering. We would activate our AP’s on a Sunday, so can you get the TIW at the same time??


Another brain Freeze - What is TIW??


tables in wonderland card…It’s a card that Floridians and AP holders can get (for a fee) to get 20% off meals (table service mostly)


Yes, you can get the card every day at the parks.
In the past, TIW (DDE) was only handled at the Epcot outside park guest relations window, but now you are supposed to be able to get your TIW membership at any of the parks’ guest services windows.
I believe I got mine outside MK this spring.


Thank you.


You can also purchase a TIW membership at any Guest Relations lobby locations inside the parks or Downtown Disney.


Inside the parks??? Do you mean the place at Epcot where you should complain about the lack of lights of winter:frown::whistling, you can also buy the TIW there???


I bought mine in DTD. Guest relations was very near the parking area, so it was very quick and easy to purchase.


Yeah, there.:pirate:


Does it work on character dining?


Yes, it works at all of the character dining establishments.

Here’s a list of participants:

Tables In Wonderland Restaurant List

Tables in Wonderland