Buying TIW


I know one can buy a TIW card over the phone with a AP voucher, but can you buy it AT disney with just the voucher? My DH and I are going on Dec 5 but don’t plan to go into the parks until the 6. And we plan to make a quick trip next dec too, so we don’t want to activate the AP till the 6. But we plan to eat a TS at a resort on the 5. Can we buy the TIW there? I just want to make sure the TIW card doesn’t run out until Dec 31 2010. I’m afraid if I order on the phone in order to get it in time, it would only be good until Nov 2010. I know they will give you some number in case it doesn’t get to your home in time, but again, will that number be good enough or will I have to active an AP?


I was told you could purchase it at any park guest relations but that may not work for you if you are not going to a park the first day.


That’s why I’m not sure about. Last time we had the “number” but we were also activating our APs. Oh the other hand we may do the DDP for the one night at POP, so we won’t need the TIW till the next day anyway. Just trying to figure out options.


The last time I enrolled, I did it at the Epcot outside park guest services window (which used to be the only place you could get the original DDE membership).
At that point, all you need to do is show them your AP (or any Florida ID) and they’ll issue your card on the spot.

Another thing to keep in mind is that they give you a month or so grace period.
We bought ours on April 8 and it expires on May 31.


We did our last cards at Guest Relations on the left as you enter MK. And they did them for a full year from the registration date. The AP’s were activated previously so they expired before the TiW cards. Sometimes they match the dates, sometimes you get a break.