Buzz lightyear space ranger spin


With the rehab going to happen are they planning on changing the attraction around at all? What are the 3 targets to hit for 1000,000 points each


I don’t know if they’re changing the attraction; I just tried searching for it, but all I got were the rehab dates…

Are there targets you can hit for 1,000,000 pts each??


Sorry. Only 100,000. Typing too fast.


Okay, that makes more sense. :tongue:


I heard the guns would be detached during the rehab. Like the ones at DL that Tim Allen and Michael Eisner are showing off here:


Can you take in your own gun?


That would be a nice change; it’s hard to hit the targets with the attached ones.


Only on It’s a Small World.

I wonder if the voice of Buzz is as good as the toy buzz when it comes to defeating Zurg?


Wow great pic! I can’t wait to try out the new version.


I only know of two.

One on the inside of the orange robbot’s left hand. And one on the back wall to the left of Zurg. :smile:


Now THAT would make the ride fun!


I never could get the one on the back of the robot’s hand. I didn’t know about the one on the wall!

The third one is at the base of the robot in the second (?) room. Never should have told DH about that one…



Now that I know, I will annilate (but not win spelling bees) my whole family on this ride.

They will wonder how I got so good, and I will NOT reveal my secret!


You still have to HIT the target though Erin. Ering? Erin.


No, no, no… it’s Aaron.

Or is it Errand?


How do you guys know this stuff??? I’ve learned so much from all of you.


What?!? You CAN’T be serious?!!?

Hah. Ering. You’re so witty.



Only when you say it with a stuffy nose.


Yeah…I know where they are and I can never…NEVER…hit them!!! :nonono2: :nonono2: :pinch:


I feel so left out. I don’t know who the bad guys is …