BW Villas or BC Villas?


We currently have reservations for a studio at BW Villas in March. We are on the wait list for BC Villas but are wondering what everyone thinks. Which one is better? Any special rooms or areas to request?

We have never even been to Boardwalk so we are very excited just be at an Epcot resort.:mickey:



Beach is a little better because Yacht/Beach share the Stormalong Bay psuedo water park while the Boardwalk is on the other side of Crescent Lake. And Beach is closer to the International Gateway entrance to Epcot While Boardwalk is a shorter walk to DHS.
Otherwise, I don’t think there’s any real difference between Boardwalk and Beach.
If you have overwhelming desires to let the world watch you on vacation, request a room on the Boardwalk. Don’t forget to leave your curtains open.:eek:


I will be at BC for the first time in a little over a week. I can give you my opinion then. I would think BC also.


Like everything else in WDW, it’s really your taste. I like the Beach and yacht club. I’ve never stayed in the BW but it seems a little busy and loud for my taste. The Y&BC is just more laid back in my opinion. Buty my DH always says that he would love to stay at the BW and have one of the rooms overlooking the Boardwalk so he could sit out and watch all the activity going on…If I can ever get the ressie that what we’ll do.


I’d say the biggest thing is the difference with the pool area. And one thing that bugs us about BWV is the method for refilling drink mugs and no CS right in the hotel. You can refill mugs at the pool bar (when ever it’s open) or at the bakery. In my opinion, dumbest plan ever. You have to stand in line to get a refill.


Just came back from my first stay at BCV. I just remember the couple of times we were heading back to the resort from a busy night at Epcot, telling myself “I’m glad I don’t have to walk that much further to get home, while looking over at BWV.”


Thanks everyone. I love ending the day at Epcot for Illuminations and I am looking forward to the close walk to either BWV or BCV!


We’ve felt the same way. That looooong walk to the BWV…however did we manage walking to the park entrance, to the buses, waiting and then walking to our room. Boy are we spoiled. :laugh::laugh::laugh:

By the way, we are on waitlists for either BWV or BCV and will be thrilled to get either, but if we can choose it would be BCV.


If swimming is important to you - then BC is definitely the place. If it isn’t - then I would take BWV. We love the atmosphere of BW. We stayed at BCV very shortly after it was opened and I was surprised to see that there was already wear and tear in our suite. Our rug had a big stain and one of the chairs had a broken arm. I know this isn’t a huge deal, but stuff like that stays with you. We’ve always had such beautiful suites at BWV and I love sitting in the lobby or the front porch watching the world go by.


Boardwalk is my home resort, so you know which one I like best!

However, I will say that I am always a little inconvenienced that there is no restaurant in the building. At breakfast time, you either have to leave the resort (even if it is only to go to a boardwalk place) or cook in the room. BC has the Cape May Cafe right there. Nice!

Boardwalk is just where I always want to be, regardless of where we are actually staying. In teh back of my mind, I think, wow, I wish we were there.


You put it perfectly. That’s exactly how I feel about AKL (Jambo House). Although I enjoy all of the resorts, there is something special about it that makes me want to be there instead of anywhere else.


Boardwalk sounds great. I think I cant go wrong either way!


The Boardwalk is pretty much almost the best resort,ever. I’ve never had the pleasure of staying there but it’s my SECOND favorite resort. (My first is the Contemporary, if you were wondering! :happy: )

It’s so pretty and peaceful there. My children would do backflips and all sorts of other neat tricks if I told them we were going to stay there!


I don’t think you can go wrong either way!! We haven’t tried BC yet, but hope to sometime soon. I’ve heard lots of great things about the pool area at BC. Right now, BW is our all time favorite resort. The Epcot resorts are located in the center of WDW - you really can’t beat the location!


The BW lobby makes me cry.


Why does it make you cry?


It is so beautiful… especially at Christmas.


I know it’s to each his own, but for me, the lobby of the Boardwalk doesn’t quite get me there. Even at Christmas.
I’d have to guess my two favorite lobbies plus my favorite public space would be AKL, WL and the Grand Canyon Concourse in the Contemporary.
(I’m sensing a theme here; large indoor spaces with high ceilings)


:laugh: Me too! It’s just so lovely. And such comfy, cushy chairs. I love to watch all the comings and goings.