Bwm8184 and Schultzie's "I Want to Ride a Giraffe!" Trip Report


Hey everyone!

We just got back from our whirlwind trip to WDW. We left Monday morning August 11th super early, and got back Sunday August 17th around noon. We stayed at AKL for the 1st time and it was ‘totally awesome’! (Yes, we did Turtle Talk with Crush.) Anyways, the cast for this trip is…

Schultzie - DGF
DD - Schultzie’s dad
DS - Schultzie’s sister, 17

Now be nice, this is our first trip report. :laugh:


Looking foward to your TR and hearing about AKL.

I just finished my first TR, it’s rather fun to relive your memories and share them with others :happy:


Can’t wait for the TR. Welcome back!!


Welcome back i am looking forward to your report.


I always feel a little melancholy whenever I return from WDW! Life seems to move much slower when you come back home.

Can’t wait for the TR!



We arrived in Orlando around 11 am on Monday and searched the airport to find DME. Finally found it, and sent DD to wait in line. For the length of the line, it went surprisingly quickly. After playing a few rounds of “What Disney Thing am I Thinking of?” we got on our first ever DME bus! It was pretty exciting. We shared the bus with Pop Century and Coronado Springs, so it took probably around 45 minutes to finally arrive at AKL.

We checked in, but the room wasn’t yet ready so we left some of our carryon bags with bell services. We were STARVING so we headed to Mara for lunch. DD had the turkey sandwich, DS had chicken fingers, and we both had the chicken pita. Schultzie also had the baked potato soup, and it was the best soup ever. Seriously. It was amazing. We also got 2 souvenir mugs, which proved to be a great idea. When we finished, we headed to Epcot!!

When we got to Epcot, we ran back to the World Showcase to meet up with some of my family that happened to be vacationing at the same time. We met up with them in Germany, and then headed to Italy. We saw street performers getting ready to begin, so we followed them in to watch. The show was Romeo and Edna, and DD ended up as Romeo! They wanted a young, good-looking man, so they chose him :laugh:. The show was hilarious! We’ll post some good pictures later.

After that, we headed to America, and then separated from my family since they had TT fastpasses. We headed to Norway to do Maelstrom, found a few hidden mickeys, and cooled off. Then we checked the line for TT and it was insanely long, so we went on MS. No worries, we successfully landed on Mars with just a few problems. :happy: Next up we visited Figment at Journey Into Imagination. This is Schultzie’s favorite ride, she laughs all the way through. We had gotten our room number a little before, so we headed back to AKL to cool off and get ready for EMH at AK!

Sometime around 7 pm we headed to AK and went to Pizzafari for dinner. Pizza all around, with their great breadsticks! Then we headed to EE, which had about a 30 minute wait. As usual, a fantastic ride. EE is a great ride at night! It always looks awesome. Dinosaur was our next adventure, and it definitely was a little more interesting than usual. Our jeep got stopped, in the dark, right after the big dinosaur scares you and takes your picture. Let me tell you, Schultzie and DS were freaking out.:eek: Just a little. :laugh: Needless to say, that was our last ride for the night. We took a few more night pictures of AK and headed back to the resort.


Yay, another trip report!
Keep it coming :slight_smile:


Pictures of Day 1!


Yay, keep it coming, 8184 :biggrin:


More pictures!


DAY 2!

We attempted to get up to see rope drop at MK, but someone (DS:ph34r:) doesn’t quite get up quickly enough so we got there around 8:30 am for EMH. We immediately got a birthday button for DD, and we headed straight over to SM and waited in a pretty short line. Great ride, as usual, and then we went to the Main Street Bakery for breakfast.

After breakfast we headed to Peter Pan because DS and DD had never been on it. The line was long so we FPed it and headed to HM! :ohmy: The new rooms and things they added were really good, we all definitely enjoyed it! When we left HM, we still had a little time before our Peter Pan FPs were good so we went on the classic, IASM. Finally we went on Peter Pan. It was fun, and DD and DS loved it! :happy:

BTMRR was calling, so we went over and FPed it. We wandered to PotC while we waited and enjoyed the cool ride :pirate:. Then we went on one of Schultzie’s favorites (corny jokes = :heart:), the Jungle Cruise! :laugh: Our skipper did not disappoint. Our FP time was up, so we ran back over to BTMRR.

Tomorrowland was up next. None of us had ever been on the Laugh Floor, so we got in the extremely short line and pretty much walked right in. It was highly entertaining; we all laughed throughout the show. None of us got to be the characters, but we were right behind one of them so we were on the screen. Pretty exciting, those 2 seconds of fame :laugh:. Then we FPed Buzz and ended up receiving a free FP to CoP as well! So we went straight over to CoP and dreamed about a great big beautiful tomorrow :happy:. The weather was looking a little ominous, so we went on TTA. Lucky we did because it started to pour. Of course, as with typical Florida rain, it was over by the time we got off the TTA and headed to Buzz.

DS tried to spin the car too much and it locked up! And of course, I won. When we walked off the ride Stitch and Buzz were greeting people near the exit, so we visited with them a little. Stitch hit on Schultzie, and I was a little jealous :laugh::laugh:. Then Buzz wouldn’t give me a high-five. Characters didn’t like me that day :laugh:. Since we generally forget to eat on vacation, by now it was almost 2 pm and we again were STARVING. We headed over to Cosmic Ray’s and had lunch. DD was disappointed he didn’t get a birthday cupcake.

Since DD and DS also had never been to the BoardWalk, we took the monorail to Epcot and took the Friendship boat to the BoardWalk. We shopped and explored a little, decided Spoodles looked good for breakfast tomorrow, then headed back to Epcot and back to AKL to relax for EMH at Epcot.

We got to Epcot just in time to see a 20 minute wait for Soarin’!!! We flew (get it? :blush:) over to the Land along with a million other people who saw the same thing, and waited probably about 40 minutes. Still better than the 80 minutes plus we had been seeing. We grabbed DS, the picky one, dinner at the Land and then headed to Tangierine Cafe for the rest of us. It wasn’t the best we’ve had there, but it was still good. We were pretty tired by then, so we just decided to go on SE and call it a night. We all liked the new interactive part of the ride, and all agreed our pictures on there were terrible. :happy:

Sorry it’s so long, but that finishes Day 2!


Pictures from Day 2!


Aaaaand, more Day 2 pictures. Enjoy!

Schultzie is standing in the center of the World because she’s the center of my world!!

…obviously, Brian did not type this part…


Thanks to everyone for reading! Day 3 will be up tomorrow!


Welcome back! Great TR so far, I love your photos.:happy:

I would have freaked out a bit if my truck would have stopped on Dinosaur too.:blush::laugh:


[QUOTE=bwm8184;868909]Aaaaand, more Day 2 pictures. Enjoy!

Schultzie is standing in the center of the World because she’s the center of my world!!

…obviously, Brian did not type this part…[/QUOTE]


I am really enjoying your trip report, Brian:happy:


great TR - wonderful pictures.

Keep them coming!


Great report!! Can’t wait for tommorow!


We were at AKL the same time you were there!!! Glad you had a wonderful trip also. The weather was great as far as the humidity and temperatures weren’t nearly as bad as it was two years ago in August. Too bad we didn’t run into each other. We spent a lot of time at the Lodge this time, as it’s my favorite place in the whole wide world.


Seems like you had a good time,Great TR>