I know I can make the decision on my own but I’m so into hearing what everyone has to say…so tell, tell, tell!
We’re staying an extra day after our scrapbooking vacation (YC) but we need to stay elsewhere for that extra night. We were thinking BWV or OKW. OKW is the cheapest for a 2 bedroom villas. BWV we don’t think we would choose to stay in for a long vacation. AKV is our home resort and we’re staying there in Dec. SSR we stayed at for our last vacation. I highly DOUBT we’d get into VWL no matter what! Well, 1 night- maybe? Lastly BC is attached to YC so we figure we’ll try somewhere else.
We’re using out DVC points so we need it to be a DVC resort.
So what does everyone think?


Since you’re already in the Epcot area when you’re at YC I would move to OKW for something totally different.


That’s a really good point. Do you want to simply move to the other side of the lake or do you want a whole different vibe. For a different vibe, you can’t beat OKW, it’s more like a condo timeshare than a hotel.


I’ve heard that OKW was more of a relaxing resort and BWV is more lively and active. We’re going to be 4 lady’s with no DH’s or children. I think we’re leaning more to the fun side. We plan to visit MK and either AK or DHS. The ONE bus stop at BWV seems to be pretty far away from any rooms! OKW I came up with certain building to be in if possible to be by a stop and the pool. What to do??? I also love VWL and I heard someone was able to get in for 1 night around the same time frame. What to do??? What to do???
MS is closed so I can’t even call to see what is available!


It depends on when the trip is. Is it at least 7 months from now? I had an impossible time getting anything other than OKW for my October trip since we booked it less than the 7 month window.
I guess it depends on when too - some times are less busy than others.


Oops, just saw it was August, right? Given that, I’d say you’d likely only get SSR or OKW at this point. But maybe you’ll get lucky and get BW :slight_smile: Either way, it will be a great time :slight_smile:


Oh, man. I hope that we don’t get stuck with only 1 choice. If we do I hope it’s one I haven’t been to yet!