Hi this is my first post. You guys seems to have the best advice around! I’m taking my DH and DD(8) for their first Disney trip ever and I haven’t been since high school (and that was 25 years ago). We are going in late August (only time with our schedules). We have res. for BWV but now I’m not sure if would should stay at WLV b/c of transportation. Are the buses really that bad? DH is not a ride person so we will spend time at the resort. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks in advance!


First of all …Welcome to Mousebuzz…

We like BWV because of the walking to Epcot or DHS. I’ve never stayed at VWL so I don’t have a feel on the buses there.


We spent a week at the Boardwalk in September. The waits for buses were exactly the same as any other resort. Disney Transport tries to run buses at least every 20 minutes. All buses are shared with Swan and Dolphin.
We’ve also spent 4 days at WL in December. The direct boat to the MK is really nice. Again, it’s about once every 20 minutes. All buses are shared, either with Fort Wilderness or Grand Floridian.
If you want to feel like you’re back in the woods, I recommend Wilderness.
If you like the feel of a seaside resort, Boardwalk will provide that experience.
Beyond that, it comes down to location and which parks you’ll be wanting to spend the most time in.
These days, I think I like Wilderness more than the Boardwalk. Either way, you won’t be making a mistake.