BWV...tell me about the different views


We are now at the 7 month mark for our trip and starting to jump to different resort. We have SSR from 12/6 - 12/11 and BCV from 12/11 to 12/17. We were hoping to get BW standard to save a few points, but are a little afraid it won’t happen. So now for the SSR part we are on wait list for BC or BW preferred. I’ve only stayed in standard rooms at BW before, so what are the other views like??


Preferred could be ANY water view including canal, garden or Boardwalk. Unfortunately, you aren’t guaranteed which you’ll get. I think the standard should include “garden” but then again they didn’t ask me. :laugh:


Thanks. We figure staying at SSR is 11 points a night in a studio, BC or BW is 12 points. One point well spent. If we get our wait list, then we can try for the BW standard. I know we go to the bottom of the list again, but we’d rather give a fighting chance to stay at a Epcot resort than just try to save 15 points. I may have mentioned this, the plan is our DD will have a room at BLT and we’ll have (we hope) at room at Epcot, so a place for naps will almost always be close by.