Bye Bye Carousel, Hello Incredibles(?)


Please don’t shoot the messenger, but I’m afraid so. The latest news given to me was Carousel was finally going to be laid to rest…to make way for a brand new Incredibles ride!

I’ve had the honor of seeing some of the plan for the attraction. A friend wouldn’t say a word but just showed me some of what’s in mind. From best I can figure out, it’s not a rollercoaster, but a really cool ride through, again maybe along the lines of Spider-Man as that’s the technology going for Toy Story Mania.

Nothing else has been told to me. Again, nothing is for sure or certain until the ground is broken for the ride, but don’t be surprised, come around 2009, there’s no more great big beautiful tomorrows.


nooooooo…my DH may never go back again. He’s still upset losing Horizons and the GM ride.


Woah! It must be too early for me, Rowdy. It wasn’t until the last 4 words of your post that I realized we weren’t talking about CINDERELLA’s GOLDEN CARROUSEL! I couldn’t visualize what kind of cool ride could go in such a small space! :laugh:


That’s what I thought, too.


You know what I get tired of? It is the pixar “movie to ride” thing that’s been going on at Disney for the last 10 years or so.

OMG, how many more are there to come? What happened to ‘imagination’? This is a trend that is really starting to bother me. Yes, things need to be updated, blablabla, but I must say, this bothers me a whole lot.

I am not happy. I bet I am not the only one. How about doing away with those stupid carousels or messing around with Toontown? Toontown in WDW is boring and most people can live without it in it’s current form.

Sorry to spout off like this, I am really upset about that. And no, CoP is not my favorite, but it is quint essential Disney and I do love it.

The Incredibles, Finding Nemo? that’s Disney??


I understand Dopey - imagination is not what it used to be anymore…anywhere. BUT, it’s not that bad. It’s not all Pixar rides - Expedition Everest? Soarin’? Even Mission: Space and Mickey’s Philharmagic have been put in WDW in the last 10 years. Look at the positive!


I won’t ‘shoot the messenger’ but let me get this straight… are we talking about Carousel of Progress, Cinderella’s carousel, or some luggage carousel at the MCO airport? Because honestly if they were thinking about putting an Incredibles attraction next to MAgical Express in replacement of a luggage carousel I’d be all for it!! :tongue:

Now wait, HOW would an Incredibles ride really fit the theme of Tomorrowland? I think that could get a little sketchy. I’m getting a little nervous about all these Pixar attractions taking over what used to be an ‘exhibition of what the future could hold.’ To me, bringing all the animation based attractions into Tomorrowland is just extending Fantasyland. (This is probably a whole 'nother discussion, sorry).

Well que sera sera, I guess we’ll see. Unfortunately I’m not the one getting the big bucks to make these decisions. :tongue:

PS: How DOES one run for Mayor of Main Street anyway? haha.


I love Carousel of Progress. Now, i am sad…:crying:


I happen to like the CoP but my kids don’t.The last few trips,it was empty.Traditions die hard.



I have to agree, it has been empty the past few times we have ridden it as well. Still love it though…


DH will be upset, that’s where he usually loves to go to cool off and take a power nap.


My whole family will be sad if this is true, even my 9 year old loves CoP. I know we have to keep moving forward but I like the idea the Walt designed CoP and we can still enjoy it. The silly Stictch thing would be a better choice if we are looking for soimething to replace.


Sure, sure, but really how many Nemo attractions do we need? (I know this is somewhat off topic) I am not happy, no matter how much you try to make it so, Angie :pinch:


Oh wow…my dd is going to be crushed…she loves that attraction. I can do without it, but she is going to have a tough time with this news. I like changes to WDW - it’s nice to have a new thing or more to look at when we go back - I just hate that they are taking these classics away all the time. The stitch ride would have been a better choice in my opinion too. That attraction is seriosuly stupid.


Ya think? I am crushed. I hope this isn’t true or they’ll find another location (like the stitch theater) to put that new ride in.


We only went on it the first year it opened…once was enough. I will not waste my precious park time waiting in line for that…wasted space. I can think of at least two other attractions that could go before COP, butwill keep it to myself so I don’t have to dodge the tomatoes that will be thrown…


Oh come on, whisper them to me and I will announce them. I seem to have my foot in my mouth a lot, and I am looking forward to a little rumble. It’s too quiet.

I hate the Stitch ride. It opened when we were at WDW last time and I actually stood in line for the stupid thing. Never again. Also, no one ever mentions the ride in their trip reports, have you noticed? What does that tell the CMs who monitor the Disney boards?


I would love to see the stitch ride replaced… not afraid to say it! It is a total waste to me.


oh boy!
this is just sad… Walt is rolling over in his grave- or his cryo-preservation tank as some believe he is in! This is just bad- How will we teach out kids that it wasn’t always like it is today!!! Sad… very sad… Even tho Lion King was very Disney when that took it over it was Over-kill! This feels like the same thing happening again. Wow… CoP… leaving… hmmmm:confused: :crying: :angry:


This is so sad! I love CoP, and it really bugs me that the classics seem to be the ones disappearing.

Don’t even get me started on that dumb stitch ride… :laugh: