Bye bye CSR


Due to some unplanned emergency oral surgery, I thought I’d have to cancel my trip totally. Well, I was wrong. I just had to downgrade to a value. So we are now staying at ASMovies in a preffered room. Saving me $360! It doesn’t seem like much but it is!!


THat is great about the money. Sorry about CSR and the surgery.


Have you considered sedation dentistry?
I’ve got a wicked gag reflex and when I had 4 teeth extracted last year,it was the only way we could do it.

Don’t feel too bad about missing CSR this time, it will still be there in the future.


It gives you an excuse to plan for another trip in the future.


I landed in the hospital for the same thing last year. I had a lump the size of a baseball on my jaw bc the infection got so bad. They had to knock me out. This time I am catching it early, so I should be ok. I may still be able to swing CSR if its available the end of August…I just wanted to make sure we could still go and have it paid by the 45 day mark (8/12)


I am sorry to hear about your surgery, but hey you’re going to WDW which will make you feel better, and CSR will always be there for the next trip.


Honestly, I’m okay with it. To me, the hotel is a bed to crash on. My br wanted something nicer. Lol