Bye Bye Disney Mobile


Anyone have Disney Mobile?

Disney Mobile bites the dust
Posted by Marguerite Reardon
The Walt Disney Co. pulled the plug Thursday on its Disney Mobile phone service.

Disney said the service will no longer be available after December 31, but it might offer some of the specially designed software and applications through another wireless operator.

Disney came on the mobile scene about 18 months ago with a special phone service designed to disseminate its content and create a slew of applications designed for parents and families. Its Family Center allows parents to track their kids and limit how and when they can use their phones. It also allows parents to set spending limits on text messages and downloadable content.



How disappointing…I just got my notice via e-mail :ohmy: I love my Disney Mobile phone…I guess I’ll have to start doing some reserch to choose another mobile company :angry:


Thats too bad! It was the only one Ive seen that I would have wanted my kids to have when they were older. Oh well, back to the arguement that they don’t need a phone. Luckily I have a LONG time before I have to worry bout it.


I would love for them to make some deal with AT&T!


My guess is that they just couldn’t compete with some of the really low prices that other providers charge to add a line to an existing plan. We had an almost 2-year contract going with Verizon when we got DD her phone. We were able to add her for just $10/month. I would love some of that GPS tracking for her though.


I think you are right maggie. They just weren’t competitive price wise. I could have easily went with them when it was time for me to get a new contract…why pay more if I dont have to? I love disney, but I don’t like to pay more money for a service I can get cheaper…


Interesting because when we were at DTD last Sun. they had a Disney Mobile kiosk set up.


Wow that was short lived.


We just got a letter in the mail telling us, too. :sad: I hope they do offer this stuff through another wireless service as the Disney bells and whistles are part of what we love about them in the first place!!