Bye bye everyone


well we are off tomorrow at 8:00 we will be leaving… first we will have to take the dog to the kennel stop and get a last minute money order for dd college fee. she just remembered ,stop at the post office then we can leave… i took the whole day off so instead of leaving at 4:00 we decided to leave earlier… I will do a trip reprot when i get back and hopefully figure out how to post picture dd is here so she can help. talk to you guys soon… :laugh:


Have a Magical time . . . can’t wait to see the TR!!



Have a safe and magical trip.


Have a wonderful time! Safe and happy travels.:happy:


Awe yeah!!! See you there!!!


Hope you have a great trip!!


Have a safe and magical trip!


Have a wonderful trip!! :happy: I’m already looking forward to the trip report! :biggrin: (Stay hydrated and slather on that sunscreen!)


hope your having a tiggeriffic time




Have a great time!!!


Have a magical vacation!

Can’t wait to hear all about it!



Oh, another TR to look forward to! pixie dust and safe travels


Have a great trip!


Have a great trip!