Cab fare to WDW from MCO


Any one know the cab fare from MCO (Orlando International) to the Dolphin??




I know it’s about $23 between Epcot and Contemporary, Contemporary and DTD, and Yacht and Contemporary. I’d have to guess it’s going to be at least $50 and probably more.
Consider a car service or a corporate limo (standard 4 door Town Car, not a stretch).


Anyone know of any they’ve used and liked??


Over the years I think Quicksilver has been mentioned as being preferred.
You might want to check our Orlando Transportation forum, this topic seems to get a good bit of play there.
You know I’ve got next to no personal experience because we always drive up from South Florida.


If you are looking to save $$$ Mears shuttle is about $30 a person round trip.
If you want to use their town car service it would be $78 to Epcot area resorts.

As you may know, Mears runs Disney’s Magical Express Service. We have used them going back to 1993 well before DME and have never had an issue with their vans, buses, or drivers.

link to the rate PDF


We won’t need a car for the first few days. I’ve just been doing the math so to speak to see what’s best… rent a car from the airport or limo to the resort then car when we need it.


Frank, I thought you lived in Jax.


>>I thought you lived in Jax.<,

Ohio, but we do have a condo in Tampa/St Petes.
Usually we go to Tampa and drive over.
Need to go to Orlando first then over to Tampa.
Actually, I used to live in Jax… but that was in the very early '80’s. Orange Park.


You can get some great deals on rental cars if you are the type of person who has the time and patients to keep checking the companies web site.


We just used a cab from MCO to POR and with tip it was $71.:ohmy: Didn’t notice which company it was.


I paid 50 between Mco and yatch in March it was a lot quicker then magic express


I got on MouseSavers and checked into some services there.
Supposed to get some estimates(???) today in the mail.

>>I paid 50 between Mco and yatch in March<<

That’s a pretty good price.



Mouse Savers recommended Happy Limo. Estimate was $ 68.
I played around w various car rentals and got one that is reasonable, so I’ll just rent from MCO. Now, to plan my day out, is the car rental AT the airport or do I need to catch a shuttle somewhere??? Using Hertz. Worked best w discounts, etc.