Cabanas at blizzard beach


Has anyone done them? Are they worth it?


I didn’t know there were any there- I’ll be interested to know the answers too. Whereabouts are they, perhaps they are new to us as its a few years since we have done the water parks- good idea though if they’re reasonably priced etc.


I know its $250 for the day. All you get is an attendant towels chairs tables and bottomless soda.


$250 a day?!!:eek: Sheesh!


That is a lot of money! I could think of all the other things I could do with that kind of money…like shop or eat at a really expensive restaurant!


Wow that is alot of money!


wot a lot and it does not include admission… my friend told me about them last year, it sounded good at first for 8 people but then you put admission on top $$$$$ WOW


I agree, it is pricey, however, I would love to do it if it seemed feasible for my family. Good grief, it’s hard to find a place to park it at BB, and not only do you get a nice shady spot, you get someone to wait on you, don’t have to worry about towels (we bring our own from home when we do waterparks) and lots and lots of Diet Coke! I’d love it!


What exactly does the Attendant do for you?


I think they get you drinks and food and stuff. It may actually be worth it…


It isn’t worth it for me.
We have never spent a full day at either waterpark.
In fact, the last time I went to BB, wifey elected to stay in bed for the few hours I spent there. And I drove the car over rather than deal with being wet on the cold bus.


We have never spent a full day there either. We usually get up early and go and have never had a problem getting a decent location. (some days better than others) but not enough to blow $250.

I would much rather take that $250 and do a fishing excursion or tour or even a dinner show or something rather unique, thats just my preference of course.:closedeye


Thinking about it we dont do a full day there either- we get there for park opening and then leave around 2 or 3 in the afternoon- I still think they sound great if they weren’t so expensive.


For a little more money, you can do a fireworks cruise.


would never be worth our time as we dont spend a full day there either. Plus we all have the refill mugs which you buy the new barcode for so get our drinks ‘free’ anyway, and also, to be honest we are always having to much fun in the pools and on the slides to be being ‘waited’ on. $200 dollars too much imo.


I’m not allowed in the water parks any more.

Don’t ask why.


I could spend 250.00 on something much better than that! lol That’ll buy a lot of cokes and towels! Although thinking about it for a large family, it might be worth it. But for us 3, no thanks.


I think it would be a fun thing if you had a group of people, maybe even a MB share.


That’s what I was thinking…ok… how many MBer can fit into a cabana?? It can be just like ohana…hey cuz!!!


Better to bring a few kids and have them hold umbrellas over you and fetch you cold drinks.