Cabins at Fort Wilderness...Advice Please


OK - my next trip for SURE is going to be in March of 2011. So here is the Cast:

Son - will be 9
Son - will be 6
Daughter - will be 2 (almost 3)
Family Friend & Babysitter - will be 17 (her gift - she keeps our kids for free ALL THE TIME)

We have done the Family Suites at All-Star…but I really like the location of the Cabins at Fort Wilderness and it looks like they have a kitchen, I could not do DP and cook a meal a day and eat out a meal a day…Which brings me to another question…is their a DP with only snacks?

How many bathrooms?
Is it walkinf Distance to EPCOT?

Just any general information about the cabins would help.


Bringing the babysitter… that’s so cool! What a wonderful gift! (Can I keep your kids? :laugh:)


The cabins have one bathroom. You can’t walk to any resort from FW. You can get to MK by boat (very pleasant) and all other areas by bus.


I researched into them before deciding that I’m too spoiled and that cooking+vaca=no fun. :laugh:

I’d have had 7 in my party (1 is under 2yrs). But in the end we’re leaving the 2 youngest home w/ daddy since he should be in classes in June. We’re staying at POFQ.

The cabins have 1 bathroom, small kitchen area, and a grill on the deck. Imo heading to Wal-Mart outside the World, might be a bit easier for snacks and such. That or shipping out some snackies if you’re flying. There is no DDP w/ snacks only.

If you decide the cabin route you could always get lunch meat and cheese and make lunch a time or 2 to take within the park. Also, it’s kind of a walk, so I hear from the cabins to the buses and some people have rented golf carts, but those get $$.

If the cabin sounds kind of blah in the end you can always see if there’s a deal on rooms and get them adjoining. That’s what we did & opted for the QS DDP and bringing extra snackies.

Here’s a link to and they have pics of the cabins.

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground Photos

Good Luck!


Check out the Treehouse Villas at Saratoga Springs! They are great for several family members. Quiet sleep, private pools, easy access. A resort within a resort. Can’t go wrong!


Have you considered renting points from a DVC member?


IMHO the cabins are VERY SMALL!!

I was disappointed in them when my friend stayed there. There is one bathroom and one Kitchen/dining/living/bedroom!

The bedroom sleeps 4 - 1 queen and bunk beds

The Kitchen/dining/living/bedroom has a pull out couch and pull out chair. When it’s out there is NO ROOM!! I honestly don’t think it will fit your party. You’ll be on top of each other. (Unless you were planning on two?) Keep in mind they are considered “Deluxe” in the pricing too.

Check out this link for room size: Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground Photos

It says Bedroom 1, 2 & 3 but I’m pretty sure that is the same room just different angles (unless there is a two bedroom cabin I don’t know about?)

I think the treehouse idea is a great one for you!


yes, I have considered renting points - I am looking at all options right now. I am waiting on the school district to put out my wifes schedule for next year, so I know when her Spring Break is…After that, I will begin to look at trying to book.


Not sure what the price difference would be, but I too would suggest a Treehouse over FW if possible, or, try pricing out two connecting rooms at a moderate. When we travel as 7 we find the cost of two rooms at a moderate pretty reasonable and it gives you two bathrooms!


what moderate would all of you suggest?


POFQ or POR are our 1st and 2nd choice. CBR is fun and the pool and pirate rooms are a really fun theme. CSR is beautiful, but not quite our taste as far as family atmosphere, a lot of conferences held here.


Fil has priced any and all options for a family of 6+ when he has booked in the past. He has yet to find a better deal some place else on property at the time of booking unless it’s POFQ or POR. (He won’t rent points for those who would suggest it :happy:) He also uses his Disney Visa quite a bit and uses the discounts it gives him.That being said, he REALLY likes POFQ and the fact that they have always given us connecting rooms when requested. If he didn’t have a bunch of kids trailing after him, he’d go for Poly or FW.There are fridges in the mods, and you can toast things at their food court too I’m sure.

There are 7 of us booked for POFQ in June. Since we’re doing the QS DDP, I’m planning on b-fast in the rooms a few times. They have the cereal in a cups at Target, etc, and I can grab a 1/2 gal of milk on my way into the WDW area. If I was sure we’d have a leisurely b-fast in the food court, I’d do that. Believe me, I have no qualms about waffles, bacon, etc. But…I know my kids and I know me. I can pop a kid at the room table w/ cereal and cartoons and use that time to get the other kids or myself ready. I’m going sans dh and 2 kids, but dh’s extra hands help at times. :happy:

If this year is any indication, they will have plenty of deals next year too. They’ve already extended 2 and it’s only February!

If you’re driving in you can look up stores closest to WDW (big box like Wal-Mart & Target) and stop in and shop for a few snacks, b-fast items, etc. I had a list but it went kaput when my laptop did.

Our top mods are POFQ and POR, I don’t think CSR would ever be a must go. Yes, the conferences are the big drawbacks. Especially since we’d be going when school is out, etc. We like the quaint feel of POFQ the most.


I really liked Port Orleans French Quarter. I didn’t think I would like it based on pictures I had seen but the resort is very nice and the small size is wonderful.


Btw…I googled it, and FW Cabins are only approx 500 sq ft. POFQ is about 314 sq ft. per room. POR has rooms in Alligator Bayou that sleep 5 (1 on a trundle bed best suited for a child for what I hear.) I can’t find room sizes really for POR I’m assuming sine the resort has 2 different sections and 1 section has rooms that sleep 5? But I can’t imagine them being much bigger than POFQ. 2 bathrooms, 2 fridges, an extra 100+ sq ft and 4 full sized beds makes me vote Mod. But then again, it’s not my money. :laugh: That is if the treehouses, renting point thing doesn’t work out financially.


Much information and i like it. I was also thinking of doing the qsdp, i did deluxe last time and enjoyed it, but the kids could care less except for the character experiences which i will still book and pay out of pocket.

We also love evening emh at magic kingdom…and if we hit that twice in a week we will miss a few adr’s somewhere…as we did this last time. I loved deluxe but as a family we are just too go till we can’t go anymore types to have that many strict appointments…we were also late to most of them as well.