Cabs in disney world


If we need to get somewhere fast in disney world and we don’t want to wait for a bus, are there cabs to take? If so what are the rates like?


We just got back on Saturday and unfortunately we found ourselves taking cabs more than we ever had at WDW b/c of some unfortunate bus poblems at the Boardwalk resort. Anyway, it really depends on where you are staying and where you are trying to go. For example, from the Boardwalk, which is pretty centrally located it was about $13.50 to get to DTD, from Polynesian to the Boardwalk it was $12.50, MGM Studios to DTD was $14. these are all the fares without tip. In other words, any cab going to and thro points on WDW property I doubt would ever be more expensive than $20 and that is a pretty liberal guesstimate. I would say $20 at the most for points like the Contemporary to DTD, or any MK resort to the Animal Kingdom area, etc.

PS: there are usually cabs everywhere available. Most of the parks have cab stands with designated cab spots, and at DTD they literally que up outside of the World of Disney store. Cabs were always lined up outside the Boardwalk entrance but if they weren’t readily available outside the CMs at the Bell Desk will call for you.


We also used the cabs when we stayed at the Polynesian in July. We had tickets for Cirque de Soleil and we were running late, so we caught a cab to DDT. The cost was $15. We also took a cab from the Polynesian to the BW and the costs was around $12.50. There was a normally a cab or two waiting at the Polynesian that you can just catch, or call the front desk and they will call you one.


We find ourselves taking cabs quite a bit at WDW–especially if we’re staying at an out-of-the-way resort like AKL or having late dinners at other resorts (e.g. if we have a late dinner at 'Ohana at the Polynesian and have to get back to the Beach Club where we’re staying, it’s worth it for us to take the cab instead of taking a bus to Downtown Disney and switching to a bus for the Beach Club). I’ve never paid over $20 for a cab ride in WDW.


I take cabe a few times each trip. I am impatient by nature and sometimes just don’t feel like waiting for a bus. Cab fare is average $14 a trip. That’s average…could be a couple dollars more or less depending on where you are going and from where.