"Cake Boss" in WDW on TLC right now


If you missed the show starting at 9pm it’s repeating tonight at midnight if you want to set your DVR!

It’s SO cool, this whole episode of “Cake Boss” is in WDW, chef Buddy is creating his daughter’s B-day cake in one of the WDW kitchens, & they are showing tons of characters and the parks too. Very cool!

The cake is coming out AWESOME too!:happy:


I don’t usually watch Cake Boss, but I saw a preview this weekend and I meant to set my DVR and forgot. I’ll set it up to record midnight–thanks for letting us all know! The kids and I try not miss any shows that are taped at WDW!:laugh:


We enjoy Cake Boss, what a pleasant surprise when I saw it was featuring WDW! Wow, what a cake, what a lucky little girl! I bet she’ll remember that birthday forever.
Now I’m really longing for our upcoming trip!! It was like a little sneak preview to our trip to the world!!


o my I LOVE CAKE BOSS!!! my family was so excited when we saw the commercial for this eppisode! we DVRed it but have yet to watch it! i cannot wiat to see it! it looks like an awesome episode!!


Yay!! Thanks for the reminder! My DVR is set for midnight!!!

I can’t wait!!!


That cake was awesome! Dare I say, I think the castle part of the cake looked better than some of the “castle cakes” I’ve seen WDW chefs make! :pinch:


We love Cake Boss! I’m so bummed we missed it, I’ll have find a re-run.


I love Cake Boss too! I have to Tivo the episode. Has anyone ever been to Carlo’s Bakery? My girlfriend just told me today that she and her hubby are doing a food tour vacation this summer and Carlo’s is on the list.:laugh: I would love to try one of their Lobster Tail Pastries.:wub:


Cake Boss is a great show. I was watching that episode last night too; that castle cake was incredible.