OK . . . I did a search, came up with nothing! BUT I KNOW, somewhere hidden here is a whole board devoted to CAKE, with a hotline and EVERYTHING!!

Pluto is my DD7s FAVORITE, and I want to get her a PLUTO cake for her birthday!!

SO, if anyone can point me in the right direction, send me cake pics if you ya got’em . . . WHATEVER . . . I will be truly THANKFUL!! :happy:


Are you willing to make it yourself? And send to England for the mold? If so… Disney Mickey, Pluto, Donald, Set of 3 Baking Mould: Kitchen & Home


Hi mickeysgirlz! I am so impressed that you have a DD#7!!! Wow… may I ask how many kids you have, and how many are girls? I bet your house is really hoppin!
About your cake… are you looking to get it while at WDW, or do you want it at home?


No . . . we are going to be at the GARDEN GRILL, so I don’t want to transport the cake!

Thanks tho! :happy:


Sounds like you need to talk to someone in Disney dining or catering. As a starting point, I would call Grand Floridian private dining at 407-824-2578 - just because that’s the number I have. They might not be able to help, but they probably know who can. :smile:


I bet she meant DD (age 7) :blush:


I just spoke to someone and there is a hot line for cakes because my son is turning four when we are there so here is the number 4078272253 apparently there is a special hot line for special occasions as well and that number is 4078244477. Let me know what they say because I have not called yet.


YES!! OMGOSH . . . I only have two 3 & 7 soon to be 8! SORRY!! :blush: :blush:


Thanks! I’m going to call now . . . I’ll let you know!


We ordered the cake for DD this September the number is 407-824-7091 it is open M-F form 8-4 you leave a message then they call you back but warning the cake was not very good my DD would of rather had one from wal-mart!


REALLY . . . that’s a bummer! :huh:


Well, now that you’ve recovered from the shock of finding out you have 7 daughters:laugh: , I have to tell you that we had cake issues this past trip too. Dana and I wanted to get a cake for HoneyBear’s (an MB’r who we were meeting along with dhoughton at WDW this past Sept.) birthday and I called at least 5 times and never got a reply. As Dana was already down there she simply went to the Rose & Crown and ordered it there and we specifically asked for Goofy to be on it. Well, the night we had dinner at the Rose & Crown everything seemed totally mixed up - the server really didn’t know what we were talking about, she brought dessert menus (HoneyBear ordered dessert cause she didn’t know about the cake, it was a surprise!) so how dumb did we look when after she finished her dessert they show up with the cake - no one singing, no candles and NO GOOFY. We were not happy at all.:glare: We were all ready to go, so we immediately had to box up the cake and take it with us. (although it WAS good when we finally did try it). I don’t think I’d order a cake again. HB - being an adult - was a good sport about it - but I wouldn’t like any slipups with a 7 year olds birthday cake. That would be terrible.


WOW, 7 daughters can you imagine!! Anyway . . . I remember this from Dana’s TR . . . hmmmmm, maybe I’ll just go for the “FREE” cupcake they give you for your birthday . . . prob is . . . there will be 3 OTHER kids? Maybe they’ll let me pay for the other 3? NOW I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO??? :confused:


I just want to jump in and say that I’ve ordered 3 special occasion cakes from WDW. Two for my daughter, and one as a surprise for my neice for her birthday, when I was not with them.

I never had a problem, and always got quick responses. This was before the new “cake hotline” but I say give it a try and see if you can get an answer!!!


We actually had a GREAT cake experience from the Boardwalk Bakery in '06. I had called and said we were eating at Spoodles for Mother’s Day dinner with a party of 8 and we wanted a special cake. They made an AWESOME chocolate cake and the whole table LOVED it, it was REALLY REALLY delicious!! They always returned my calls pretty fast, the cake was there and waiting, we didn’t have any problems.

[I want a piece now] :laugh:


not sure if you found this but here it is thanks

DINE: New “Cake Hotline” for Guests requesting celebratory cakes at most Table Service dining locations. The Cake Hotline number is 407-827-2253 and requires 48 hours notice


Hmmm . . . I wonder if this bakery delivers to Epcot? I’m going to have to call and find out . . . ALL THIS CAKE TALK IS KILLING ME!! I want a piece too!! :ph34r:


FUNNY!! This is the FOURTH number today . . . I guess I will try them all!! :laugh: :laugh:


It’s actually quite possible b/c I believe they service the entire EPCOT resort area, so why not EPCOT? I did start out by calling the “cake line” though. I don’t have the number I used any longer though.


mmmm, now I want some cake!! I can’t wait to see what you find out!