I made a couple of toy story cakes for a friend’s boys birthday today. I am trying to teach myself and I only do this for fun because i love baking. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite disney cakes that I have made.


The cakes are awesome.


That’s so fun! The Woody cake is so clever.


Those are great. I was a cake decorator several years ago. I know that is tough to self teach yourself. If you want a few tips, you can PM me. They look great and seems like you are enjoying what you are doing. Some things are really hard to get but keep practicing and you will get it.


Great job!! I love them!


Just lovely. The cakes really match the feel of the movies.


Your cakes are so cute I love them, great job!:mickey:


Thank you for all the nice comments. It really is just a fun little hobby.
I’ll have to pm you! I would love any tips that I can get.


[QUOTE=Cielei;1041664]Thank you for all the nice comments. It really is just a fun little hobby.
I’ll have to pm you! I would love any tips that I can get.[/QUOTE]

Sure, anytime. Every little bit helps. I loved the things I learned and you tend to feel like you have such a creative side you never knew was there.


SO CUTE!!! I love them!! The Woody cake with the curly candles is my favorite - so creative!!


Great job on the cakes. I LOVE the princes one you did.


They r cuuute!


Ace of cakes look out !!! they look so good:heart:


Oh wow is all I can say!!! Absolutely Amazing


WOW you got some talent there…


holy cow, those r awesome, can I ask, did you use fondont or is it all just reg. cake and decorations?
love them!!


They are terrific! So cute - you’re very talented. What kind of cakes do you use? I’m just curious, because those are seriously BIG cakes. Do you bake them from scratch?


Thank you all so much!

Pixeemom - The only fondant I used was for the cow spots on the woody cake and for the roping around the base on the woody cake, the rest is icing. This was my first time using fondant, but I think I will try it again.

llama - I usually use box cake mix for kids cakes. They love it and it’s a lot easier. I usually doctor it a little to make the inside fun though … have to have a rainbow or swirls or something inside.:ph34r: I’ve made them that big from scratch though when making something for an adults. I do tend to make all my icing from scratch. Some of those took quite a few batches of butter cream! :eek:
This one was all chocolate for a friend’s birthday … i think i melted about 5lbs of belgium chocolate for it. :wub:


These are amazing!! Especially love the Toy Story Buzz and Little Mermaid cakes! Truly amazing work, id hire you any day to do a cake for my birthday! :smiley:


Beautiful and yummy looking cakes!