California Adventure OPEN?


Just making sure…California Adventure will be open on May 4th right?


well, I sure hope so…


Yes, Disneyland will be closed all day May 4, but California Adventure will be open all day. I will be there for the press event, and I know we will be having some stuff in DL, but for the most part, it is closed to get all the stuff ready for the celebration.


How cool!! Is this the free trip you have planned for all the mods?? :whistling


Okay, I gotta know Tessa & DJ Snow…friends? Sisters? Cousins? How do you guys know each other? :mickey:


BESTEST best friends for…11 years now? is that right jay?
We’re going to get best-friend-married in Disney World! tee hee :biggrin:


Has Disneyland ever closed before for a full day for events like this, or is this the first time?


They were closed on September 11th, 2001…but were open again the next day.

California Adventure also had a press day, but it was before the park opened at all.


That’s awesome!

Wait…what’s this best-friend-married you’re talking about?? :blink: :laugh: Sounds like something my best friend and I would do!


Gosh I cant WAIT until May 5th! Im gonna be there bright and EARLY. Its gonna be awsome! :smile: