California Dreamin Incident


Nothing serious but a lesson to be learned. Hold onto your backpack!

Riders removed from Disney rollercoaster after object blocks track | california, ride, track - News - The Orange County Register


That would be highly tragical.


This would have made me never ride that ride again. I’m so scared to be stuck on a roller coaster! Good thing it was not stuck upside down.


That’s actually almost impossible.
Either there’s enough energy to go all the way round or there isn’t enough and you roll back.

Now, there might be problems with the wheels that’s keeping the coaster from rolling smoothly, but again, the physics would have you stopped before you went upside down 99% of the time.

By the way, at any other park, riders on a launched coaster like California Screamin’ would never even be allowed to take large loose objects or bags with them, and certainly not when there’s an inversion involved.


Love this ride! Glad no one was injured.