California Grill & fireworks


Is it true that if you book a ressie at California Grill for a time during wishes that you will be guaranteed to see the fireworks? That is what a friend was told by her travel agent and they are booked in there in the next few days. She had to use 2 table service credits because she booked in during the fireworks, and was also told that had she booked during another time (not fireworks) it would have been only 1 table service credit. Is all this accurate info on the part of her travel agent??


I don’t think you’re guaranteed to have a seat by a window or anything, but you can pretty much see the view of the castle from every part of the main dining room (best I remember-we’ve eaten there 2 or 3 times, but it’s been a couple of years). They also pipe the Wishes soundtrack into the restaurant. Once, DH and I were seated in a small dining room just off the main one, and we didn’t have a castle view, but we could see Illuminations in the distance out one of the windows in that room. CG also has a viewing deck from which the fireworks can be viewed, but I personally don’t like the angle of the fireworks there. They don’t appear to be behind the castle. I remember our waitperson telling us on one occasion to feel free to go to the viewing deck during Wishes, so we did and I was so disappointed. Wishes is my most favorite thing at Disney World. :happy:

As far as credits go, it’s always a 2 credit dining experience as it’s considered a “signature” restaurant.

I hope my answers are helpful and accurate. If they aren’t, I’m sure someone here will help. :happy:


It sis always a 2 credit dinner. YOu can request a window table when you check in, but yes, you can see the frwx from anywhere. You can even leave your table and go out on the observation deck to watch.


well, everyone else has answered the same way I would have. Yes, it is always 2 credits (not just during the fireworks) and you can see the fireworks from your table. They lower the lights and pump in the music from the fireworks…it really is a great experience. My kids love it!! We have gone 3 times, and never had a bad experience!


They may need to watch their reservation times closely. Seems I remember reading not to long ago about some experiences where a ressie was booked prior to the performace and many currently occupying the tables seemed to be in no big hurry to vacate them until after the show was over.


We have done this every year for the past 4 years for our wedding anniversary. We always get a 9:30 reservation for the 10pm show. You aren’t guaranteed a window seat but you can walk out to the observation deck and watch. This is our favorite thing to do! It truly is a great place to watch the fireworks.

I will admit this past year didn’t work out too well, we had a HUGE rainstorm and the fireworks were delayed by over an hour and a half. We actually made it back to our room at the WL (corner room, courtyard view) and we could see the fireworks above the trees in front of us. Pretty cool.


That’s pretty scarey when a travel agent doesn’t know something as simple as how many credits it takes for a restaurant. The information is everywhere, and with it being their job to know these things, I think I would be looking for either a different TA or taking care of the planning myself.


Cali Grill is 2 credits no matter when you eat there. Fireworks are not “guaranteed” but just about every table there except for the back room can see the fireworks. Also, you’ll have access to the terrace for fireworks viewing.
Who the heck trained that travel agent?:pinch:


Actually, one other thing, if you have seen Wishes a dozen or 12 times, you will love the perspective from the California Grill. Some of the fireworks are WAY behind the castle, and you can’t tell that otherwise. Plus, you can see a hint of the Epcot show too, which is really cool. My wife and I are foodies and have had some of the best anywhere, and CG is fantastic, at the top of our list.


Thanks for all the replies guys. I guess I could have found the info about Signature restauraunts elsewhere but you all know SO much, this is just easier & more fun too. I’m glad I have a place like MB to get info.


Who the heck trained that travel agent?:pinch:[/QUOTE]

Not sure, but maybe she was sleepy that day.:blink:


You will be guaranteed to see fireworks out on the observation deck on the northwest corner of the Contemporary.
You are not guaranteed a window seat.
In fact, some nights guests are so inconsiderate that they stay at their table long after the check has been paid because they’re hanging out for fireworks. What this leads to is no place for waiting guests to even sit until their table opens up, forcing plenty of guests to have to sit on the floor.
(I’m in a foul mood tonight). Because of this, incoming guests can be made to wait as much as an hour for their table if their reservation is within a half hour of fireworks. This might can create a problem if the monorail has shut down for the night and you are 100 minutes after the MK closes unless you have a car with you.
Any way, what is ignored is that all California Grill guests for that evening are invited to finish dinner and leave and then return before fireworks so they can view the fireworks from the observation deck.
Entry to California Grill is strictly controlled from the second floor check in area via a dedicated elevator to the 15th floor.

Oh yeah, California Grill is ALWAYS two credits because it is a signature restaurant, not because of fireworks.

I would recommend viewing each of the fireworks shows up there at least once, but the perspective that you view the show from is so high and so far off axis from Main Street, you see you are actually watching two different fireworks displays. One is all the low flying stuff that is shot from the area next to the castle. The other is the high bursts that are shot from an area just north of Fantasyland in the backstage area.


I love watching the fireworks from Cali Grill. Its really cool to see the different perspective. When you watch teh firework from the ground in MK it looks like they are shooting off directly behind the castle but when you watch them from teh Calli Grill you see they are actually off to one side. Plus the view is just beautiful and you can always order dessert after and just end the day perfectly!

Narcoossee’s has a great view too but the deck you stand on to watch the fireworks fills up quick and teh music is never loud enough.


Thanks for the info. I think I might have try out California Grill next visit, even if not during fireworks. It sounds like a nice place.