California Grill


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I can answer #1 - yes. I will know more about your other questions after Monday evening.


THIS Monday?? :tongue:


Yes ma’am. Didn’t I tell you? I’m going to WDW Monday morning.


As far as weather it’s worth it, head over to and check out the menu.

Entrees run between $25-40, desserts another $10, appetizers also between $10-$15. That’s approximately $50 for the lowest priced meal you can put together.

If each day’s Dining Plan credit is worth about $35-$38, assuming the table-service portion of that is about $22-$25, then two credits is probably worth it.

At least, we’re planning on using our credits there in September.

As far as the best time to get there for fireworks, I guess you’d have to check the fireworks schedule first. Keep in mind that California Grill has a walkway out onto the roof with an observation deck. There’s a great view of the fireworks from there (although I’m not sure you can hear the music out there). Even if you finish dinner early, you can hang in the lounge with your adult beverage of choice and wait for the show to start.


I had both good and not so good experiences at CG. I don’t think my last two meals were worth the money so I’m now done with CG. Wolfgang Puck Cafe was much better and it was only 1 TS! If you want to see the fireworks, I recommend Narcoossees over CG.


I don’t think it’s worth it. The food was fine but not spectacular, and my service was mediocre at best. It should have been a fine dining experience- and simply wasn’t.


I have had 2 really great experiences at the California Grill, one before the DP came along and one using 2 DP meals. Both times I had great service, great food and a great experience watching the fireworks. In fact I was going to do Califiornia Grill again this trip on the DP, but the fireworks aren’t until 10 every night we are there and I don’t want to eat so late.

I would say it is definitely worth it!


I like CF fine and you should make your Res for about 1 hour before fireworks. :smile:


CG seems to be one of those places you either love or hate - depending on your experience. Personally, we’ll never return. Our experience, and the food just don’t merit the cost to me.


You’re going to Disney World? Wow, I had no idea.


California Grill is very much worth it! Especially at night when they dim the lights and you watch the fireworks over the castle! I suggest going outside for the best view, you can even hear them! :happy:


We just got back and had ressies for Thursday night during the fireworks. Since the fireworks were at 10 we booked for 9:30 but weren’t seated until 9:45. They held out on the first course until after the fireworks and the waiter told us when to go out on the balcony. It was something else actually seeing where the fireworks are being shot off from. And the humdrum civilization we all leave behind when we go through those gates seemed so far away up even from up there. Dinner was served when we got back. We thought the food was great and the view was awesome. We were in the wine room so we could see Epcot from our table. During the fireworks, they play the music on speakers outside. I don’t know if they do the same inside where you can see the show from the lounge. We had no complaints at all other than IF you’re staying at the Poly, it didn’t make sense to us to go to California Grill because you can see the fireworks from the shore. We made our ressies before we left home and didn’t realize our hotel balcony had lagoon view BUT at least we got a good meal & a new angle for watching the show.