California Grill


Iam dining at CG for my Birthday with my DD next month and I just wanted some input/recommendations.
First, what are some popular dishes that everyone likes?
Iam not a fan of fish, seafood or sushi, so please keep that in mind! :happy:

Also the dress code. I know it’s casual but dressier. Can somebody tell me exactly what is acceptable and what isnt’t?

Thanks! :happy:


I would think that if you celebrate a special occasion, that you’d want to be dressed in something more than a sun dress.
We’re going to celebrate our anniversary there and I plan on making my people dress well.
I hear the food is really good and the view of the MK is wonderful for viewing the fireworks.
I cannot wait


Request a table by the window to watch wishes. We have tried several different dishes and they were all very good. I would dress up, short of a coat and tie. It adds to the whole thing.

Our waiter(s) were always very knowledgeable about the menu, how the items are cooked, how they taste and wine pairing, if you so choose.


The filet minyon (Oak-fired Filet of Beef on the menu) is wonderful. :smile:

We dressed in nice pants and polo type shirts…and saw people in tuxes and some in nice shorts.:smile:

Menu here.
California Grill Dinner Menu - Contemporary Resort


As for dress code, I would think a nice sweater and a pair of dress pants would suit just fine.


The dress code has been relaxed at the signatures. Shorts have always been allowed, they just can’t be cut offs. Tee shirts are now allowed, just keep the graphics under control, that is, no “Big Johnson” tee shirts, etc. Personally, I feel solid neutral color tee shirts are fine, that is, earth tones, black, some blues and reds, especially pocket tee shirts. Usually I’m wearing a pair of Columbia Sportswear cargo shorts and a tan Russell pocket tee or a Polo type collared shirt and I fit in just fine. If wearing jeans, I wear my blacks, not blues. Wear a nice pair of running shoes or walking shoes, not sandals.
As for menu, there are beef, chicken, and pork dishes on the menu, so don’t worry.
For fireworks viewing, I have always preferred to go outside to the north observation deck, which also has speakers that usually carry the show soundtrack and this will allow you to hear the bursts as well as see them. Another thing to consider, at a table, someone is always going to have to turn their chair to watch, and really, who can eat during Wishes?
If however, you want to dress in suits and cocktail dresses, you won’t feel out of place.


We went there for our anniversary. Everything we ate was very very good. The oak fired filet of beef was excellent. We went dressy casual but there were people there in nice shorts and others in tuxes and fancy dresses. It was a great experience. Have a wonderful time!!!


Val, we went to CG while we were there in August. I don’t know HOW, but we happened to score the best table in the restaurant! I guess we were at the right place at exactly the right time. We watched some of it inside from our table, and then I took DS outside to the observation deck. It is AMAZING watching them from there! The music is piped in and the view of MK is just INCREDIBLE. If I ever download my pics from my trip, I will show you some. :laugh:

As for the menu, I am not a seafood eater really. I got steak (the Oak Fired Filet) and it was really good! I also LOVED the BLT Flatbread appetizer. I think I liked that better than my steak for some reason! It wasn’t my FAVORITE meal in all of WDW, but for the atmosphere alone, I’d give it an A+!

I dressed in a black dress and sandals. Genavieve had on a sundress. Eugene and Nathaniel wore polo shirts and khakis.


The best part about eating there is you will NOT be rushed through your meal! There is plenty on the menu I am sure you won’t have a problem finding something to your liking…you are going to love it!:happy:


True! I think we were there for over 3 hours!!! :cool:


Thank you everyone for the advice!!! :happy:
I will be there Tue 12/18 for a 7pm Adr!!!
I dont know if they are going to do Wishes that nite, it’s a MVMCP nite so they will have those fireworks instead!:blush:
I think I WILL take my time because there won’t be any parks open when we get out and no EMH that nite! :frown: :laugh: I will have to hop over to the bar for a few before I leave! :laugh: Or maybe DD and I can go to DTD!

I plan on wearing black dress pants with a nice top and shoes, I just dont know what Iam going to get for DD to wear yet, I will probable have to buy something, as anything that she has that fits her right now is “springy” and I won’t let her wear anything from the spring or summer and have her look like a Do Do! :laugh:

Iam very excited about this ADR, I can’t wait!!! :happy:

I read somewhere about a Pork Loin dish being very popular?! I did see the menu online, I dont know if it’s going to change much as it changes seasonally…

thanks again everyone for all the great advice!!!:happy:


I wasn’t impressed by the goat cheese ravioli.

There. I helped. :laughed:


This looks like a job for…
Wishes is performed around 6 PM, or shortly after sunset on Christmas party nights. Holiday Wishes is performed at 9:30. You will have no problem watching the later show from CG’s observation deck, even if you have finished dinner. I’m not sure how early they will let you up to CG before your reservation. My suggestion is, if you have park hoppers, or if you’ve spent the day in MK if you don’t, to watch Wishes from Main Street, either back by the flag pole or just where you break into the open between Casey’s Corner and the Ice Cream Shoppe and then walk to the Contemporary if the crowds at the monorail look nasty.
If you don’t have hoppers and spent the day in one of the other parks, watch from the beach at the Poly or from the ferry landing in the TTC and then take the monorail to the Contemporary after.


Thanks Soundgod! I didn’t think they do Wishes at all on a nite they are doing a party!

we planned on hitting MK that day! I suppose I will be leaving early to monorail it back to the Poly to change our clothes then going to CG!
We are going to MVMCP on the 16th so I will see those fireworks then but I would really like to see Wishes! :wub:


OK, if you’re staying at the Poly, things become easier for you. I’d run back and change around 4:30 or 5 and then hop the launch back to MK for Wishes at 6. The launch is often as fast as the monorail, and depending on where your room is, closer than the monorail.
They try to run Wishes on all party nights before park close at 7. They can’t for the Halloween party or the summer Pirate and Princess Parties because the sun doesn’t set before 7:30 or later.


ohhhhh! Gotcha!!! :happy: