California grille kid friendly


would you consider the california grille to be kid friendly? we are thinking of having dinner there on easter, but want to get everyone’s opinion. we have a 5 yr old, and a 1.5 year old…


I was wondering the same thing except my kids are 6 & 7


I’m thinking your kids may enjoy it more when they’re a bit older…it’s pretty sophisticated…I don’t remember seeing any type of kids menu when I was there a few weeks ago…but then again, I wasn’t looking for a kids menu.

For an adult evening, tho, it can’t be beat!


We have eaten at the California Grill several times, but we have never taken our children with us. However, we have seen many families dining with their kids, and we have said that we would consider taking our own children if the grandparents weren’t around to help us with them now that they are older. It probably depends on the family and the children as to whether or not you should take them. If you think your kids can handle using their very best manners for a long meal, I say go for it!


Just be sure to get an early reservation!! We had a 7:50 reservation and didn’t get in until 8:30/8:40 and it was just too late for my DD6. She was, however, still well behaved but just didn’t enjoy it because she was so tired. There is a kids menu - she had the mac 'n cheese and said it was good. The kids rice sushi for dessert is quite fun - see pic below. There were lots of families there with children of all ages but I would encourage you to go early so all can enjoy.


We have been with and without kids (5,3). Yes, it is kid friendly. My kids aren’t Cali Grill friendly if that makes sense! I want to enjoy my dinner and not worry about bathroom breaks or be on pins and needles hoping they behave. Like suggested before, have an early ADR if you are taking your kids. You will more likely be sat on time if it is early. If it is later, people always hang around for the fireworks-we have waited an hour to be sat before. Thank Goodness for the bar!!


They have a really cool policy. If children act up, they move the table to the observation deck.


We took our DS10 and DD7 to CG last week. They have a kid friendly menu. Saw plenty of other kids there as well. But also saw alot of couples with no kids. View is awesome. I say take them!


You know better than anyone what your children are capable of…can they sit through a two hour meal on their best behavior? Their is nothing more embarassing to parents or aggravating to strangers than to have an expensive meal ruined by unruly children. We have never taken our grandchildren there…out of fear they would melt down in the restaurant. I do think our two oldest grandchildren could handle it, but doubt the younger ones could.


We think that this place is more for adults after 7:30 PM due to the lateness, by then most kids are to tired to enjoy it.


dw and i talked about it - we are gonna do it for easter dinner and try to get about 5:30 6pm ressie. both kids are very well behaved when we go out, so that isn’t an issue. thanks for all the input. i like the idea of having to go out on the observation deck (i may act up myself if that was true)