Calling all Breakfasteers!


Ok, Dilema. All 8 of our nights are booked with nice restaurants. We don’t want to eat too close to dinner and spoil our appetites.

We have 8 counter service credits each to burn so we are looking for any nice Breakfast counter spots in Disney. (Hopefully excluding the food courts). I don’t mind slimy eggs and a dry biscuit once in awhile, but…

If this idea falls through we will probably just eat early at some nice counter spots at the parks, but we were trying to avoid it. We are a lot more comfortable having an early breakfast, a snack during the afternoon and a big dinner.



for the life of me i can’t remember the name, but I swear someone said you can get tonga toast at the counter service at the poly. or was i dreaming? anyone know?


Captain Cook’s Snack Company

Captain Cook’s Snack Company - Polynesian

Speaking of menus, get to work on making your choices.

Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World

I like omlets for breakfast, so I pretty much don’t do counters, so I’m not good for advice here.


Well, if you don’t mind the food court recommendation… Caribbean Beach does have Mickey Mouse waffels in their food court! And you know what they say about waffels, right? “They’s just pancakes with syrup traps!” I guess that’s what makes them so unavoidable. But, when you add Mickey’s face, it’s an added bonus! You can’t go wrong!!!

Another great recommendation, but it’s kinda food-courtish… Sunshine Seasons in The Land at Epcot. They have a lot of good choices for breakfast. The Bakery at Boarwalk should also work as counter service too. Anyways, good luck!


Another vote for the Sunshine Seasons Food Court in the Land Pavillion - they make really good breakfasts, likewise, any Bakery is a good choice for breakfast. Earl of Sandwich has a breakfast menu - never tried it, but if it’s as good as the rest of their sandwiches, it has to be a winner.


Oh… I’m no help here… we hardly ever do breakfast outside the room… sorry.


Thanks everyone… it’s looking like the options are going to be extremely limited in choice so i’m guessing we’ll just have to grab a donut and juice and have an early lunch.

The good thing is i will get to try Earl of Sandwich and a whole host of other counter places. I guess a few OOP slimy egg platters isn’t so bad.


Our favorite CS breakfast is Wolfgang Puck Express, but you gotta get over to DTD to eat there. It is sooo worth it in our opinion! YUMMMM!!!


Breakfast isnt really a strong point in the qs lineup. To be honest aside from some breakfast platters in the foodcourts its hard to find anything besides a bagel or coffee in the parks. What times do you have your dinners set for?? I am not a breakfast person or at least I don’t wake up early enough for breakfast, so lunch is usually my breakfast. Plus take into consideration with the amount of walking done in the the parks you will burn more calories and be hungrier quicker.


You are staying at the POP?

I’ve noticed their counter service has improved some . . . they have better choices . . . plus, you can use a snack option in the am . . . yummy cinn buns anyone? :wub:


I have to go with the majority. It seems only a few places have a nice breakfast CS. What we do when we have an early TS ADR at night is eat a early lunch (around 11 or so). This might be an option on a few of those days you need to fill once you’ve eaten up all the good breakfast CS.


Thanks everyone (and the birthday girl Bella) for their continued wisdom on this subject.

It’s looking like we might just go OOP for b’fast and just take our chance with a light counter service lunch as early as possible.

At home i’m a garden slug when i’m not working, or on the weekends, but on vacation i like to get up and at 'em early. Usually i grab a paper and i’m down at the refillable mug station grabbing a cup ’ joe. We usually sit out by the pool and just take it all in. I love the early morning wake up in Disney.

I’m guessing we’ll just grab a CS meal somewhere in a park we’re already visiting to minimize traveling around. The only exception is “The Earl”. I gotta get over there.


I wish there was a place to get the temp breakfast they offered at POR while they were doing renovations. It was a little of everything and very yummy and only cost one cs meal. We would all share it in the am. It had this hot fruit bread pudding thing that was AWESOME!!


Goodness, I hope Pop’s food court has improved, because every time we’ve stayed there, YUCK!! I don’t ever recommend anyone eat there.


Trails end Resturant at Fort wilderness does a buffet, Bacon ,eggs ,biscuits, gravey,grits, oatmeal, blueberry muffins, chocolate chip muffins, peacan rolls, fresh fruits,cereral, mickey waffles,sausage, about all breakfast items.


My favorite place is in MK at the Crystal Palace (do they still have the smoked samon?)



I wish I could use our CS for all breakfasts but DH won’t eat breakfast so we’re only doing breakfast 2 time while we’re there. I’d recommend Captain Cook’s at the Poly. We’re going to the ABC Commissary but that’s a food court so that’s not what you’re wanting. I know my resort (CBR) has decent breakfast food so you might check with your resort food court.


Seriously, Mickey waffels at CBR!


Here are what I recommend, for good Breakfast meals:

Crystal Palace: excellent breakfast buffet

1900 Park Faire: another excellent buffet, great character interaction!

Cinderella’s Royal Table: a great choice if you are able to get Priority Seating, for food, setting, and characters!

Donald’s Breakfastosarus is really good too, though maybe not on the calibre of the above three, which are my top picks. I have heard varying opinions on Akershus, but our meal was not one of the better Breakfasts. I would only recommend Akershus if you couldn’t get into CRT.

I know you’re not terribly interested in having Breakfast in the food courts, but the food court at Port Orleans French Quarter has a really good Breakfast. In fact, all the meals were good, especially for a hotel food court.

Hope this helps! :mickey:


Keith -

Where are you eating breakfast? I have never had a slimey egg at at WDW food court. If I dn’t eat breakfast at a character breakfast, I always eat at my resort’s food court before we head out for the day. I have stayed at quite a few places and have yet to be unhappy with the breakfast and I am seriosuly picky about my food.