Calling all Dowtown Disney Experts


Anyone out there that visits DD enough to know their every item, please let me know if there is anything I could buy there during our upcoming trip that is dance oriented for my daughter’s dance team members and teachers as Christmas gifts. Thanks!


I certainly don’t know everything, but I knew the Team Mickey store has dance/cheer items as well as World of Disney. Have fun shopping!


Ah, yes! Team Mickey, duh! If anyone out there knows of anything specific in World of Disney and can tell me the general section–that could literally save me hours of searching through that mammoth of a store!


Definitely no expert on DtD by any means, but I believe the Christmas store has dance related ornaments.


Yes! Ornaments! Perfect Christmas gift! Thanks! Keep the suggestions coming!


i was just at world of disney yesterday and didn’t see anything dance related. i would try team mickey. i am sure you could call the store and ask a cm before you go!


Thanks for the tip! Even letting me know there’s not anything dance oriented in a particular store definitely will save me some time.