Calling all Florida Residents


What has the weather been like lately? We live in New England so 60/70’s is still relatively nice, but I need to start packing for my family of 5 and I am overwhelmed. Has it been warm? Should I even think of shorts or capri’s? Or would I be best packing jeans and t-shirts?


Yes, warm! Some early ams it’s been in the high 50s, but it warms up quickly throughout the day.

My parents are from NJ and we were visiting two weekends ago, they just put on a light jacket in the am and pm hours . . . but once the sun gets high it warms you up.

Layers work too. My DDs wore stretch pants under skirts, then would take the pants off around 11am and be fine!

You are going to :heart: the weather!:happy:


We’ve been going to wdw the last week of Novemebr/first week of Dec. for 3 years now and it’s always been warm, even hot. I still however check their weather just before we go to see what I should pack.


Currently this week has been glorious. Absolutely glorious. Highs in the upper 70s and lower 80s. Personally I’d like it a litte cooler. Sunshine all day long with little clouds. Lows in the lower 60s at night. It feels great here.


I concur with everyone above - jacket-worthy coolness in the mornings and then warm sunny afternoons!

Enjoy your trip!! :heart:


I found this site. Walt Disney World Weather Forecast and Conditions maybe it will help.


Hey Shannon. We always go this time of the year and we’ve had temps in the high 70’s and really cool weather in the low 60’s. In 2006 the temps dropped so far (32) that they cancelled the surfing class I had my son enrolled in and they closed the waterpark due to the weather conditions. The previous night we had watched Illumintations and it was 32 degrees. We bought a blanket at the Mexico pavillion to keep warm. My expieriences have tought me to pack both types of clothing because you never know!


I just checked the accuweather forcast for the next 15 days and starting on 11/21 the weather is going to drop to mid 60’s high and upper 40’s for the low. Looks like I need to rethink what I’ve packed! :frown:


Everyone has been telling me to pack for all weather, but for 5 people, tahtis an awful lot of luggage for 10 days! I need to begin preparing and I always love packing, but I am finding it difficult to begin this time around!


I will be there this Saturday hoping that it will be warm and the days we are going to be there,IT IS GOING TO BE COLD FOR ME!!! I was hoping for up upper 70’s to low 80’s but NOOO, it is going to be upper 60’s to lower 70’s. I am a 85 or higher kinda person so I am not happy. Well, I will be in Disney!!


Last week it was in the 70’s but it seems to be warming up. You will definitely coats for the evenings though. Especially when the wind is blowing.


Definitely pack for the outdoors. The parks have been very unusually busy this past week, and I MEAN VERY busy, which will probably mean a lot of waiting outdoors for rides and attractions.


Since you are used to the cold, I think you will be fine in your normal Spring/Summer outfits, with a light jacket for the early am, late pm hours!

Like I said my parents are from NJ and we (from FL) get colder a lot faster then them! :blush:


Glad it warmed up for you guys. Last week we had some seriously chilly days and nights.


We are from NJ, so anything mid 60’s through low 70’s sounds perfect. Anything warmer than that is just a bonus! We have been there the week after Thanksgiving before and the weather was just perfect. It was low 70’s, but in the sun it felt closer to high 70’s. We went the end of January before and even that was nice…it was the only time we had to think of a jacket (at night).* I can’t wait!


By the way…this is off topic and I apologize, but it seems like several of us will be there at the same time! Enjoy your trips everyone.


I live 60 miles west of WDW and it was 37 degrees this morning around 7 am.


What a difference a week makes. It has been unseasonably cold here this week. Lows in the 30’s and middle 60’s during the day. Anyone coming this week, definitely bring long pants and a coat. I’m not sure when it expected to get warm again.


brrrrrr is right . . . the news said this cool “trend” is going to stick around awhile!


All I can say is, Thank you God! After going to Blizzard Beach last week when the temps were in the high 80s, I’m SO grateful for this change of weather. I’ve been sleeping sooooo good with the windows open and the cool air in the house.