Calling All Parents!


Okay, I really need some advice…

We are taking our 2 1/2 year old daughter for the first time so I need some stroller advice. I know that we will definitely need one and I would prefer to bring it with me so I have it at the airports and at the resort. My question is do I bring my lightweight stroller which I happen to :wub: LOVE :wub: or do I buy a cheap one. My concern is the stroller getting taken by mistake :wink: I don’t want to lose it but at the same time, do I bother buying one??



I would take one I really like if I had a little one. My son was 5 on our first trip so the type of stroller wasn’t as important. I think strollers are pretty safe at WDW. Tie a balloon or a colored scarf on it and that should keep someone from taking it by accident. CMs will move your stroller to make room for more but if you mark it you should be able to find it easily.


I agree about bringing your own along, the airport, to and from your resort, waiting for the bus, etc. Having a place for a little one saves a lot of whining from child and parent!

I have never heard of anyone having a stroller taken a WDW, but I guess the possiblity is real. My husband used to take a bicycle lock and lock our wheels so that if someone started to take off with it (accidently or not) it wouldn’t move easily. But it could still be dragged to a new location if a CM needed to reposition it.

Your child is going to be doing a lot of riding (when mine did when they were that age), you want them to be as comfy as possible.

Our DD just turned 5 and we have just purched a new stroller just for the next three trips (over the next 10 months). I paid $60 for it, but saved a ton vs. using disney’s strollers. Here’s the one I just bought. It’s made of a water resistant material, has a basket and reclines. Not a bad price!


I love the bicycle lock idea!! I have heard some horror stories from my clients about strollers being taken or stolen (whichever) and the stroller I have is perfect for traveling and I would love to have it with me in Disney - my concern was that it is that it was expensive and I got it as a gift so truthfully, if it was taken, I could not afford to replace it. I think the bicycle lock idea is fantastic! Thank you :mickey:


With a little one definately bring your own stroller. You’ll be glad you did when you are waiting for the busses or monorail. If you bring your own make sure it is easy to identify. My DD stroller was accidentally taken on our first trip with her about 15 minutes before the park was closing. It was a nightmare because in her stroller was her blanket and her favorite stuffed animal that she slept with. Ever since that crisis I always tied a balloon onto the stroller, it makes it easy to locate when the CM’s need to move them and makes it distinguishable from most of the others.


When my children were small I brought my double stroller with me. I never had any regrets doing so. It was a such a help when the youngest of my two (they are 17 months apart) wanted to nap while we took the oldest on rides.

Take the stroller you love. We never had a problem.

jeannej :happy:


I have heard of strollers being stolen and have seen strollers that have been left behind :rolleyes: I didn’t take a stroller when I went with my 3 year old and it was ok, cause with a CM, you don’t have to pay for it. But I will def take one next time.

I suggest you take your stroller.


Tying something bright to the handles is great advice. It makes it easier to spot your stroller out of the bunch. I know there’s concern over someone stealing your stroller, but I think the ones usually taken are the rented ones from the park. They all look alike. Personally, that was never a real concern for me at Disney. Most people there can afford their own. We always used to load the stroller down with stuff too. Anyone who considered taking it would be daunted by the piles of stuff. I’ve also heard people suggest leaving something kinda gross in it too.


Take the stroller. We ALWAYS have our with us. We have been twice since we have had kids and have never had a problem. We attach colored tape to the handle so that we can spot it. Most people do not have their stroller stolen rather it gets moved by a CM and they can’t find it or someone grabs it by mistake thinking that it is theirs. I gurantee that you will see someone with the exact same stroller as you.

As for what type. We do not take our big stroller, the one where the car seat goes into the stroller. We take our smaller stroller that is a little larger than the 12.99 umbrella stroller. It has a small basket underneath and a canopy to keep the sun out. It has rubber wheels which work better than the plastic ones. Picked it up at the Once Upon A Child store used for about $20.


I’m with everyones else. A decent stroller is a must, and bringing your own will help since you don’t have to return it before leaving a park.

I really see no need to have to lock it up, BUT, keep in mind that CM’s do move the strollers around sometimes to make room after a show lets out, so having it easily identifiable will really help out.


We also will not go w/o our own stroller…from the bus to the park, from the bus to the hotel…it’s priceless (especially at night when everyone if so tired)…

We didn’t have a problem with ours – like everyone else has said, just tie something distinguishable to the handle. Of course, we never left anything of value in it when going on rides, in shows, etc. but we had no trouble at all! With a child the age of yours, definitely take your own!


I guess I’ll echo what everyone else is saying - definitely bring your own stroller. My DS was 21 mos this last trip and we couldn’t have done without it. Comfort is one of the most important things, especialy if you are planning to let her nap in it. We bought Disney themed fabric at Wal-Mart and tied it to the handle so it would be easy to spot - and that was a lifesaver! I also love the bike lock idea - that’s something I never thought about. I, too had concerns about theft, but we’ve never had a problem.


Thanks everyone!! I knew we had to bring a stroller - my biggest concern was "losing " ours. I have an usual attachment to it - LOL! Anyway, I was going to try the bike lock idea but unfortunately we cannot find one to work on our stroller. The wheels are not open & do not have spokes - there is no where to actually put a lock to prevent it from rolling or being taken. We are definitely going to use the ideas of putting something on the handle to identify our stroller - a must do! Thanks everyone for all your great ideas & advice!! :mickey: less than 2 weeks to go!!! We are so excited :slight_smile:


I agree with everyone else. Take your own definately. We have quite an expensive stroller for our everyday use but for our vacation, we decided to buy a cheaper one ( just in case as we had freinds whose stroller was stolen along with their camcorder and other bits). It was a bright pink one ( don’t worry, we have a DD!!! :laugh: ) but we still tied a piece of ribbon around the handle. The stroller parking areas are a vast sea of colours so if you can make yours stand out from the crowd please do so.

Have a wonderful time x

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I agree about taking one and making it easily identifiable. When we got off the bus at Kennedy Space Center there was another stroller exactly like ours, both empty, and it took me a few minutes to make sure I took the right one. I have a black Maclaren Volo.

We used to do the bike lock thing way back when my son was a baby but it turned out to be more of a pain than it was worth. Just don’t bring your 5K Silvercross and don’t worry about it. There will always be a nicer stroller there than yours and you can tell yourself that if one gets stolen, it’ll be the nicer one. LOL

I think a bigger concern is stuff getting stolen out of it, if you leave anything in the stroller. I’d make sure it’s empty - totally empty - every time you leave it.


I never realized how dumb we were. On our last 2 trips, we have left the souvenirs that we bought along with our snacks in the stroller basket when we go on rides. I guess it would not have been too big of a deal if someone stole the stuff since we do most of our shopping (in other words spend lots of monoey) at DD. The stuff we buy at the parks is usually under 20 anyhow, but I now realize how foolish that is. I guess we are a little too trusting. Since DS will be turning 7 on this trip, it will be our first trip with no stroller. Boy will I miss the cargo space of the stroller.


Boy do I hear ya! My youngest is now 10 and I still miss that extra space. Now we have to carry everything!!


This was a big concern of mine when we went on our last trip. We bought a really nice lightweight umbrella stroller and I was so sure that it was going to be gone. I am happy to report that I don’t think it was touched even once. We tied some ribbons to the handle to find it easily (even though our red stroller stood out in all of the park strollers).


Definitely bring the one you like. We have been to disney 6x since ds was born and nothing has ever happened to the stroller. We have brought large Graco’s as well as an expensive Inglesina stroller. We have even left things in the stroller that we know we shouldnt have (camcorder, ds’s prized plush eeyore, etc) and nothing has ever been touched. The worst that has happened is that castmembers rearrange the stroller parking every so often and until you find yours you think “my stroller is gone!” but it is always nearby.

I have heard a few stories of strollers disappearing but it is rare.



:blink: this happened to us. We parked up just outside the little mermaid in MGM as one other lady had done and when we came out the stroller was gone. I thought the worst of course until a CM said they would have been moved to the other side of the wall! Please make sure you save your blood pressure from soaring by making sure you park your stroller in designated areas.

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