Camera help for Erin (and anyone else until I get in too deep for my own good)


Erin, in one of the fireworks threads you said you wanted some tips for getting better pictures of Illuminations. What are you doing, video or still? If still, are you digital or film? Are you shooting on full automatic or do you adjust some settings.
I considered doing this as private messages, but thought other people might benefit too.
Unless I’m full of it and I’m talking out my butt. Nah, that can’t be right.


LOL! No, this is very helpful, and I appreciate your experience. It can help TONS of people.

I am using digital. I adjusted to ??? something, but I don’t remember what. I would LOVE for you to tell me WHAT to adjust to, and how to capture those fireworks just right.

Here is an example of what I have.

It’s taken from the Contemp Observation deck during Wishes. It’s like it’s blurry, and shadowed…not crisp…


Kippage is the camera pro. Kippage!!


Soundgod is a camera pro. He does this for a living, or a very expensive hobby. One or the other…


I don’t have a camera…but I think I’m a pro!


LOL! Peppertink! ROFL!

ROFL! You should NOT be allowed to post! ROFL! :laugh:


:happy: :wink: :tongue: I’m just sayin!


Photography for me has just been a hobby for the past 10+ years - both digital and manual. I’m definately not a pro, but I do have lots of experience. I could tell you what to try next time, but I won’t take that away from Soundgod. :happy:


You’re so kind Kippage. :wub:


ME, ME, ME! I want camera help! My night pics usually come out like CRAP :dry: ESPECIALLY fireworks pics, and even pics of the castle!!! I just use the AUTO setting and I don’t think that’s right…HELP!!!


Ditto what ILUV said. I’m using a digital and the night time photos are really grainy.

Can anyone also tell me how not to get those stupid light orbs that keep ruining my pictures.


:laugh: :laugh: Sending pixel dust to everyone!


I have a fireworks setting on my digital…
will that help?


How’s this? Here’s my attempt at a nighttime picture but if I can’t click and shoot I’m lost.


Ummm…well…shouldn’t it be like PixelGod or CelluloidGod??? I am confused… :tongue: I just sayin’…


Here…have another Whipalulu…it won’t matter if you have enough of them!


One can never have enough…now, where were we?? :wink:


Kippage’s advice is welcome, too! I just didn’t want soundgod to think I was ignoring his offer! That’s all!

I love Kippage, and I know she rocks with a camera. Honestly -ANY advice!

I can NOT get it right these days, y’all!! LOL!


It was a serious thread. I mean, I really did want advice. I thought we could all use it.

Kippage’s our soundgods…



So this shall be the official advice thread for cameras!

Thanks to anyone that offers any info/advice to help those of us that flounder(get it “Flounder”) in the vast camera sea.