Cameras and camcoders


I have a 7 years old HandiCam and a 4 years old sony cibershot, they are kind of oldie but the function very well, camcoder is a little heavy and camera does not shot inmediately you press the button. I plan to bring them with me to Disney but I wonder if in the attractions they can be a nuisance, or they can suffer any damage.



you have the option to rent a locker to store these kinds of things in or only bring them on certain days so you aren’t carrying them around and on the attractions. There is no telling if something can be damaged on an attraction…depends on the attraction.


This is my opinion and only that. I think it is the results that matter. If you have had you camera and camcorder for a while, then WDW is not going to dampen them. If you get a few scratches and dings on the rides, they are like battle scares. I remember were mine came from and that is not a bad thing. If you get just one great shot it makes it worth while. Enjoy the trip no matter what you bring along. If for some reason you think you might miss a special moment with you current equipment then that would be the reason to consider replacing something. If its in the budget go for it, if not dont worry about it. Have fun no matter what .


My first digital camera way back in the 90’s was scratched up pretty bad but it was from a huge blunder on my part. While getting the kids into the van after a day at BB I put it on top of the van. Well, you know what is coming, we pulled out onto the road going back to POR and one of the dk’s said, “Hey Dad our camera just flew onto the road.” I pulled over and retrieved it and remarkably it still worked but looked as if it had been dropped off the roof of a van going 35 mph. :laugh: