Campaign 2004


No, not a presidential campaign but my campaign to get my DH to agree to return trip to Disney! I have started dropping hints big time. So far I have:

served his evening beverage in the Poly can coolers

changed the photo in the Disney frame to his favorite princess, Pocohontas, with our boys

dug out the “come see us again” note from the Poly staff and draped it over his alarm clock

used my WDW wine glass charms at dinner

replaced the coasters in the family room with Disney ones

left the Disney planning DVD on the top of the stack

I have told him many times that I want to return but I am hoping that all these hints make him decide that a return trip is actually his idea - if you understand what I mean. Any other suggestions?


Subliminal messages…you are good girl. Men like it when they think they have a brilliant idea all on their own:-) Hope you get to go again…DH is on board w/ us going again but the timing is hard to nail down b/c he is military and everything is so last minute w/ them…ugh. Anyway, I hope your subtle gestures work in your favor!


Sounds great,your subliminal suggestions!!!


Now Disney is even getting in on my plan to convince my DH of another trip! A very large postcard arrived today giving us a free disney vacation( yeah we gotta buy DVC to receive it, but I have no problem with that :smile: )

Of course I put this postcard on the very top of the pile of mail, which is prominently arranged in the middle of the dining room table.

I am also thinking about downloading a disney font to the computer so I can email him in Mickey script. Think a Tinkerbell curser would be too obvious? LOL!


How about sending him one of those Disney e-cards telling him you love him?


I like your ideas. I may have to use them sometime on my wife (I am the Disney fanatic in our family - along with DD)



Brilliant! Now where do I find them?


Thank goodness! I thought this was going to be one of THOSE threads, again :crying: . Simple solution: send the kids to your parents for the evening and dress-up as Ariel or Jasmine. Men are SO easy.


We are NOT easy…just predictable. And subtlety doesn’t work so well…if he’s like me, he needs cinderblock falling from the sky type of hints.

Best of luck.


:laugh: I repeat - men are SO easy - and predictable :dry: I agree, “subtlety” is not a word in any man’s dictionary. Of course, as every woman knows, the trick is to make him think it’s HIS idea. (They’re always SO proud).


Get the kids to work on him - (very sad voice) “No dad I don’t want ice cream… it doesn’t have Mickey Ears”


The E-mail cards are found on the web site under activities or at American Good luck


Order a free vacation package video. :happy: :wink:


You’re sounding like a feminazi with generalizations like that! Just come right out and ask him. Don’t tell him, ask him. If he says no, then tell him he can come with you if he wants, or he can stay home. You’re leaving it up to him. That’s the way to do it.