Campfire at Fort


Has anyone done the campfire at Fort Wilderness? We are doing the HDDR
5pm show for m birthday dinner, then thought it might be fun to go to the campfire weather permitting!!! Can anyone go or is it only for ppl staying at FW? Also does anyone know the best way to get back to CBR if we do stay?


Anyone can and if you aren’t too full from dinner, you can purchase a smore’s kit from the campfire stand. There is a sing a long and chip and dale make their rounds before the movie.

As for getting back to your resort, depending on park hours you could either take the boat to MK and then catch the bus from there or most of the time they run resort buses from the Settlement Station right near HDDR for the 2 later shows.


Take a bus from settlement depot to the campfire program. Then when you’re done, take the bus back to settlement and then bus or boat to MK where you can grab the cbr bus.