Campfire singalong


Has anyone ever done this. It sounds cute, smores with Chip and Dale and a Disney movie. I’m sure my 15 year old would roll her eyes but maybe she can do something else while I take her younger sisters. How much do the smore’s fixin’s cost??


we wanted to while we were staying at FW …but alas … there was just not enough time


I believe Cavey is planning on doing this with his family…but don’t know if they’ve done it before though



At Fort Wilderness they have an excellent campfire program. This is free of charge, and open to all Disney resort guests. Each night a different animated movie is projected onto a large screen, with a large outdoor seating area. Chip and Dale frequently stop by, and visitors are led in a sing-along around the campfire. Ingredients to make s’mores are available for sale for $2 at the Chuck Wagon , but people can also bring their own. The movie is shown following the singing. It’s wise to bring a jacket or blanket, as it can get chilly after dark. The activities begin at 7:00 p.m. unless sunset calls for a later start time.


We’ve always wanted to do this, but never seem to have enough time. It sure sounds fun though! & Even though your 15yo may roll her eyes, deep down inside she’ll be having the time of her life…don’t let her fool you!


Yeah, we’re doing it in February. We’ll bring our own s’more stuff, but then we’re camping. $2/person for s’mores is a bit pricey. Of course, you don’t have to have them to participate in the sing-a-long.

DD saw it featured in the trip planning DVD and was sooooo excited. I’m hoping we’re there on a night when very few others show up. So the kids will have more attention from Chip 'n Dale.


This is something we plan to do on each trip and for some reason we never get to do it!!! It sounds like so much fun and I am going to add it to our trip plans in May and hope we go!!! :wub:


You know a nice roll of Caution Tape would help make that happen for ya. :wink:


I have done this and it is loads of fun. Chip and Dale stay out for a long time and play with the kids. It is an open area with small stadium sitting and the screen is fairly large (like a smaller drive in movie screen) they usually post what movie is playing which day at the comfort station ( the bath houses at the camp grouns) . There is a different movie playing almost every night. New things like princess diaries, toy stroy etc. There is a “chuck wagon” out there so you can buy hot dogs, drinks, s’mores, and nachos. (there is more but that is all I can remember). There is also beer for the older “kids” :happy: It was alot of fun.


Has anyone been on the hayride? We have hayrides here at camp, so $28 for our family seems to be a bit much.


With a couple of chalk outlines of deadbodies…way ahead of you, Hoss!


I have never made s’mores. :sad:


You’re kidding,right? You must have had a deprived childhood. I want to give you a hug! :heart:


the carriage ride came by our campsite almost nightly while we were there :slight_smile:


Darn tootin’!

I can put you and the kids on that hay wagon anytime you want here at camp. If we’re plopping down another $28 on this vacation it’s for Fantasia Mini-Golf! :tongue:


Neither have I. :crying: (I’ve also never had a Mickey Bar :crying: )

I wish the cabins at FW were DVC properties - it always seems like there are so many fun things to do at the campground. I’d love to give it a try.


Anyone can attend the campfire. You don’t have to be a FW guest.


never had a mickey premuim bar …oh my goodness … thats …just shocking …
lol nope you don’t have to be a FW guest …but I believe you have to be staying at one of the resorts. I could be wrong … I often am


I’ve only had a Mickey Bar once. Tasty, but a DQ “Dilly Bar” is cheaper.


my Dec. 2005 calander for FW states that In the event of inclement weather, a Porch Jam near the Meadow Swimmin’ Hole will replace Chip 'n Dale’s Campfire Sing-a-long and movie…