Camping at Fort does it work?


I was wondering how camping at Fort Wilderness works. I am specifically looking for information about camping with tents.

Do you bring your own tent…or can you rent one? Are the rentals ok?
When is a good camping season? I can imagine that it gets pretty cold/hot during certain times of the year.
Are the showers close to the campsites? Modern toilets or outhouses? Are the tent camps separate from the RV/camper campsites? Can you build a campfire?

Any information would be lovely. Thank you!


I am going from what I ahve read about so, bare with me. I am not personally a camper, so I have no personal experience with this. As far as I can tell, the tent sites are seperate from where the cabins etc are…it would only make sense that they are seperate from the RV sites as well cause you wouldn’t need hook-ups with a tent. There are showers etc located in every single loop, so I can’t imagine you not being able to fine one close to your spot. As for renting tents, I doubt it…never heard of anyone doing that. Doesn’t mean it’s not possible, but I have never heard it ever. I would think that if you are going to camp in a tent, you would bring your own. As for the best times to camp, I would think the less rainy/hot seasons of October and early november would be the best and maybe even April/may. Beyond that, the weather is either to unpredictable or WAYYY to hot.


I have thought about this as well and heard that the bathhouses are really nice. As fas as renting tents I dont know. If I were to camp there I would drive down so I could bring my own as well as my portable air unit


Air conditioning…tu chez! :cool:


We have camped there 2 years in a roll, We Love it there. There is always something going on. We had reservations to stay again this year but if you tent camp you don’t get free dining. So we are staying at POR. I suggest renting a Golf cart its alot easier than the bus system. I am sure we will return there again. If you have any questions please PM me and I’ll be glad to help all I can.


I think it would be fun to rent a cabin.


Alright, a long time ago you were able to rent your own tent with cots, dont know if they still offer that option, you might want to call FW front desk to find out. December and Jan are kindda cold @ FW, forget about summer time because its WAY humid. The showers are close to some of the campsites that are great. Some of the camp sites are seperate from the RV sites. Yes you can build a campfire but there are some restrictions. The best thing to do is call FW front desk for any questions.


I thought so as well. My problems with the cabin had more to do with feeling cut off from Disney more than anything else. If you have a family of 4 and want to bring the out-laws (I have outlaws, not in-laws), the cabin is an excellent value. Also, if you want the convenience of a DVC with a full kitchen, etc., the cabin does great with that. But, when you wake up in a Disney resort and walk outside, you get a bit of magic from seeing it. With a cabin, you get a mosquito and you can see that too.


first off…I posted some pics and links to pics and info in this post…Includes our in tent setup

In a nutshell

Buy your own tent, cheap is ok as long as you seal seams

Very good service, just call and someone will pop right over to help.

Huge, clean, AC, slate tile floors in the comfort stations. Private showers.

A don’t use a AC unit in the tent, just fans.

Big pools, great buffet and lounge. Too many activities to list.

The campsites have a raised tent area preventing a soaking, even in the worst rain. Grill included, no fire but there is a great campfire program.

Ive camped a lot and FW is the cleanest tent camping experience anywhere…


I bought it at walamrt for $325 and it was the best $325 I have ever spent when it comes to camping


We’ve camped there several times and done the cabins (LOVE the cabins!) too. My husband is the office manager for a 4 star campground/resort up here, and he’s impressed with FW! The big RV’s tend to be closer to the Settlement (where Hoop-De-Doo is), with the other sites (tents, smaller trailers & pop-ups) in the middle. The “cabins” are towards the other end. They actually resemble a rustic mobile home park. The comfort stations are clean and well taken care of. If you go ahead and get a tent and air mattresses, you’ll still be ahead of the game in the cost of a “room”. Since we’re from up north, we usually slept on the sleeping bags rather than in them - but even for us, in Jan and Feb there were a few cold nights. We had a $100 cabin tent & then picked up an inexpensive dome tent. Then we got a pop-up and used the dome tent for a camp-pot. (Nice to be able to step out of the pop-up & into a bathroom in the middle of the night!) We’ve since graduated to the FW cabins (my 56 year old back prefers beds). There’s some Disney themeing, but not a lot (pools are not themed at all), and there are plenty of birds. We like being able to go to the parks, but when we get back to our cabin, it’s to a quieter and peaceful place.


OMG :laugh: That is way too funny. I never thought of it, good idea!


That is a great point. I guess Camping is not in my future.


bribren…those pictures are awesome. You have a pretty sweet set-up going on!

The camping sounds much better than I expected. This is something I definitely have to consider. My sister did the cabins and loved it, but she has 6 in her family compared to our two.


According to Deb’s website, officially they only offer tents for rental to large groups. However, unofficially if they have tents available they will rent to individuals.

Not sure how many people would be in your party, but I recently bought 3 person tent for about $50 for once a year use (Going to Daytona for the 24 hour race). I used it this year and I felt it was a good value.


It will be cheaper to buy your own tent.

Tent campers are either in the 1500 or 2300 loops, as they have few hook-ups. Bathrooms are nice, clean and user-friendly. FW has been rated as the best campground east of the Mississippi by RV groups.

Bring bikes or expect to wait for busses (or drop $$ on a golf cart)