Camping at FW in November?


A cm told me that toy story mania is the most popular ride in all of DW right now, but I think soar’n has to be up there with it. What do you guys think?


did soaring twice last time, Toys story only once…lines were too long. I think it’s hard to compare because they are at two different parks, but definately soarin at Epcot and Toy story at HS


I would totally believe that Toy Story Mania is the most popular ride right now. You can usually get a fastpass for Soarin for most of the day but if you do not get one within three hours of park opening, you are not getting one for Toy Story. A CM told us that there are days that they are gone within two hours of the gates opening.


There are probably a lot more fast passes for soarin though. Quite a few people can ride at one time, where toy story mania is very limited on how many people can be in the attraction at one time.