Camping? Too rustic? HELP!


Yes another resort question! Sorry!
If I stay at POR-will it be too rustic and will I feel like I’m camping? I have always heard great things about POR. I would rather stay at POFQ but there are 5 of us and it has to be POR AB. We thought of 2 rooms at a value, but we want to try something different. We tossed around CR, but a little too pricey! So what are everyone’s opinions please!? Thanks!!


Rustic is relative. It’s piney and naturey, but definitely not like camping.

But then, I guess it depends on what you mean by camping. For me, the fact that there’s a bathroom right there, with a toilet and a shower, completely removes it from the camping experience. :biggrin:


I wouldn’t say POR is going to make you feel like you’re camping at all. The rooms are equivalent to the other moderates. The grounds are pretty and like Andrea said, piney, but I wouldn’t compare it to camping at all. You’ll love it.


To me “rustic” is DEFINATELY Fort Wilderness or Wilderness Lodge. POR is definately not “campingesque” it DEFINATELY reflects the theme, with the cyprus knees, etc…


To me POR feels old-fashioned southern, but not like you’re camping. The rooms are comfy and, in my opinion, just as good as the other moderates. I love it. :slight_smile:


It’s not rustic at all… It’s just like any other resort, it’s just themed like the Old South…nice big trees, pretty garden, etc… You’ll still be sleeping in a bed and have running water… :laugh:


Thanks! I guess camping was the wrong comparison. I think I would like it too. It definitely sounds peaceful and beautiful.


I wouldn’t call FW exactly “roughing it.”

Lil’ loves the pop-up camper. This is good considering after our first two times really camping she will never do it again. (So it snowed on us with subfreezing temps–what’s the big deal!!!)


I got my wife to camp out at FW (during Huricane Andrew infact) and it really isn’t roughing it much.
I love the Cabins…truley rustic.
POR is very relaxed, southern style as someone mentioned.
Have fun!


POR is anything but rustic. It’s a beautiful resort with Southern charm. How can staying in a resort be like camping? You’ll be fine. No worries., :cool:


I HATE camping and I love POR. Hope that helps :biggrin:


??? I have never thought of POR as rustic! Are you thinking of Fort Wilderness Campground maybe?

POR is Southern country-themed, if you will… Alligator Bayou section is quilted bedspreads, paths winding through magnolias and pines, lovely buildings surrounding beautiful pools. Magnolia Bend section is fabulous Southern Mansions, with chandeliers and fountains and beautiful gardens.


Rustic is a new one.

Both POR and POFQ remind me of being at home. It’s old fashioned Southern charm, like the others said. Like a weekend retreat - where you’ll go sit underneath a tree by the lake on a Sunday afternoon. Not fishing, not eating… just sitting, talking, and looking. Very refreshing. :heart: