Can any family member do the checkin at the desk?


In about 10 days we are going down to AKL kidani with our DD and crew in a 2 bedroom. With our flight, we won’t get to the resort until noonish on monday. DD is driving down and planning on arriving on Sunday. I’m not sure where she is staying that one night, but can she run over to AKL on monday morning and say “I’m here” and get the room? This may be the only time she stays at AKL, so if the room isn’t in a good location, we are willing to ask for different location and wait for the room. I understand the earlier in the day you ask, the better chance of changing rooms.


Yep. As long as they are on the reservation.


Thank you. They plan on to AK that day, so it wouldn’t be much of a jump to go over since they will have a car.