Can any one tell me about


… Pick a Pearl?

Has anyone done this?

How much does it cost?

Where is the best location?

What types of settings do they have? How much do these cost? Is it better to order the Cindy Carriage off ebay like other sites have suggested?

Any info on this subject would be great thanks!


I did this quite a few years ago in Las Vegas. The picking part was relatively cheap. If I remember correctly, it was about $20. But, then they sell you the settings for rings, pendants, etc. I think I ended up doing a ring setting at $60, still not too bad. But then again, because I spent $60 on the ring setting, I qualified for a ‘free’ pick a pearl. Of course I got one and then spent more for the ring setting. I did this 3 times and walked away spending close to $300 between pearls, settings, and other things that were in the selection case.


We are going to do this in Oct.! I know it may be cheaper to get a setting from somewhere else, but leaving with a piece of jewelry with the pearl that you picked is part of the experience and fun IMO. I can’t wait!! =)


is there any possibility that you can pick and not get a pearl.


there is a possibility you could pick and not get a pearl. I think the second time I picked there was no pearl, but there was a setting I really wanted so I payed and picked again.


We did this on our last trip and we got 3 pearls. Don’t remember the price but we loved it! I never got them set into anything but we will get more on our next trip and I will get them set. My DD is 10 and is really looking forward to it too!
Good Luck getting a great pearl.


I’ve seen them do this at Sea World where the divers actually dive down into a tank and pluck out a shell, but I didn’t know they did it in Disney? Where abouts is this- I love watching them at Sea World (How do they hold their breath so long?)


I have always wanted to do, but haven’t. My DD and I have watched people pick quite a few times…maybe this trip.


It’s tricky; what you do is burp, and then swallow the air.


there is a Pick a pearl in Japan at Epcot- we did that when Emily was my little pearl in my belly. She still has it. The cost to do it is not bad but the settings can be expensive. I would just have them set it at a local jeweler after the fact if that is what you want to do.


We did this last September with our three children. I ordered the Cinderella carriage and a Frog carriage on ebay before we went. The pick a pearl itself is inexpensive…I think $20. If you don’t have them set the pearl for you they put the pearl in a little zip lock bag and write the size on it. What we did was take them to dinner afterwards and give them their finished product. My children loved this so much. My now 6yr old is still counting in Japanese. Don’t forget to check and see if the candy maker is in Japan when you go as well.


I’ve only walked by the stand, but I didn’t realize you could pay and not get anything. :ohmy:


My wife really enjoys this and has done it several times in Japan. Here’s what she remembers:

$15.95 + tax, and you are guaranteed a pearl.

She bought $40 Sterling Silver earring settings that were lever back and had a small CZ. She did 2 pearls that day and traded one of them to get a match. She was very happy with them; she makes her own jewelry and until recently had a small seasonal jewelry store.

Hope that helps!


I’ve picked out my pearls in Japan…Mikimoto pearls. Unfortunately my dh is not on the same page…

My dd got a beautiful one in Japan. I honestly don’t remember what it cost or how much it cost to have it set - but it turned out very nicely.

If you go to SeaWorld you can see them dive for them.


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we have never actually done this ourselves but evrytime we go to the World Showcase we visit Japans shop and watch the girls there do the whole Pearl extravaganza!!! I call it this because they really do make it special and almost turn the whole process into a show. We are thoroughly intrigued by the whole thing. I think it cost about $16?? but that was just to pick the pearl…this didnt include settings on anything.



We’ve done pick-a-pearl a few times. We’ve had some really nice ones too: colored, large, etc. They do guarantee a pearl at the Japan pavillion, or at least they did in the past. What you do is pick the grossest, ugliest looking shell and those usually have the biggest pearls inside.


Cool tip x x


Great tip! I love watching those girls in japan do their stuff. I’m engrossed! X