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am currently in the process of writing a book about Walt Disney World and wondered if anyone had ever heard of a book along similar lines? It is split into 2 sections. The first is a history of how Walt Disney World came to be, The history of the site and how it was developed. It talks of how Walt envisaged Disney World and how it actually turned out. The things that were built and the things that weren’t

The second part of the book focuses specifically on the Magic Kingdom. It takes the park land by land and looks at the rides, attractions and shows that were their since the day the park opened in 1971, what are the stories behind the building of the attraction and how has it changed? Each more elaborate ride/show/attraction also has a ride-through commentary to aid those people who many never have ridden it or to refresh those who have enjoyed it so many times.

Do you know if any such book exists? I know of How the World Began, The First 25 Years, but this isn’t quite the same as my book.


I personally don’t know of any Good Luck with yours i would love to read it when you are done.


I have not. I think its a great idea and if it takes off you can write more books with the other theme parks i.e. EPCOT, HS etc.

Good luck and welcome to MouseBuzz.



Thanks Lisa. The plan was to put all the theme parks into one book at the start. I then realised just how much info there was on Magic Kingdom alone. If my first book goes well then I plan to write more concentrating in each park, then the extras e.g. Water parks, cirque and DisneyQuest. I’m also planning or writing a book based on Disneyland Paris. A park that is my local!


I’ve been reading the Imagineering field guides about each park. They are similar to what you are proposing.
There can never be enough written about Disney, so go ahead and have fun.


I agree with Dopey…sounds interesting. I would like to read it.


Adam, what an interesting concept- and no I have never heard of a book in a similar vein- so get working! thats going to be a mammoth task.
I have toyed with the idea of writing just a simple guide from a Brit’s perspective, as I spend most of my time giving out advice on things that some British people find confusing or difficult relating to both WDW and the USA.
Good Luck and dont forget to mention us Mousebuzzers somewhere and to let us know when you’re published!


oh and forgot to say welcome to Mousebuzz!


If you publish it and there’s plenty of pictures, it’ll sell.
Don’t forget to try and get official assistance from Disney.


Good luck with your book. Keep us posted about the progress.


Thats great advice Soundgod what I would also add is dont dwell too much on the history Adam, although to confirmed Disney addicts like us its very interesting - the reason most people pick up a Disney World book is because they are looking for current up to date information with lots of visual references.


I like it! What an awesome idea. I’ll buy it.


I am interested . . . Good Luck! And welcome.


I’m interested in this book too! It sounds very cool!

BTW-I’ve always wanted to figure out a way to make traveling to WDW a “business expense”!!! I guess you could always make a few “research trips”.:blush:

Prezcatz Paul


That would be a gret idea. The only problem with that is that I live in the UK. Every business trip would cost me in the region of about $2000!:ohmy:


I have an Imagineering book that sounds as if it is the type of book you are talking about. But it is outdated now, and I would buy a similar book with new information!


It is a similar book to the field guides except for the fact that it is far more detailed and, as you said, it is up to date. The book also includes ride-throughs, show descriptions and attraction descriptions that have a lot of detail in.
I’m about 100 pages in now and am close to finishing Frontierland. Only two thirds of the park to go. I better get on with it. It’s not going to write itself


Good luck and let us know how it is going . . .


Wow! Sounds great to me–I love reading anything about Disney. My kids would love it too. Hope you get it published so we can all enjoy it!


It will be published one way or another as I have found an online self publishing website that will host the book even if an international publisher won’t.