Can anyone use a pin code offer?


Hi all. I just got back last night and was going through my mail. Disney has mailed me a pin code offer that I will not be using since Im a DVC member. If anyone would like it just send me a PM and I will give it to the first to request it.


Normally pin codes are for the person it is sent to or at best another family member living at that address. Is there anything in the email about being transferrable?


It was a post card. It doesnt say anything about non transferrable. I guess its worth a try. I wont be needing it. I dont plan on going back to Disney for a while or at least the parks. Im done with the parks for a while. If Im going back to disney it would just be for the resorts. I plan on going to HHI in May and just using my points for HHI this year


The code will be attatched to your name so only you can use it. You can call and find out but that’s always been the case in the past.


Exactly as DT said. Pin Codes are attached to a name and therefore you cannot book it under another name. It’s sad but true. It was nice of you to offer it up though.


I just went through this on the phone with disney. You must be the person on the postcard and you must show your license when you check in to prove you are the person to get the discount.


It would be nice if you could use it. My son got one sent to my house. He hasn’t been since 2005 and has no plans to go anytime soon. That post card is like torture to me, since we didn’t get one.


It’s my understanding that if it’s sent to your address but not your name you may still be able to use it. If it’s still valid call and ask if you really are interested in going.


That may be true…call and find out. the only verified my address on the phone…I had to give them my name.


:huh: So whats a pin code ? How do you obtain one ?


wife, you have to be on some sort of list or another to get a mailing like that. You should sign up at to start off with – that might do the trick!


Other than that it’s luck.


It stinks that the codes are not transferable!
My youngest brother keeps getting pin codes at MY house because we went a few years back. He was not old enough to even BOOK a hotel room and they would not let me use his code unless he was there and checked in- which he could not even IF he came because he was 16 or 17 at the time!
So, I told them to quit teasing me with the codes.
I NEVER get any and I am signed up on everything I see that is Disney. Plus, I go annually. Maybe they just know I will be there regardless! LOL!