Can Anyone Verify


My friend is there now and hegoes almost as often as I do and he reports that 200 bus drivers have quit and the upkeep is not as good as in previous trips …this is a surprise to me having just come back from 9 great nights and remarked when I was there that it seemed like old times buildings were getting painted and flowers were the best I have seen in some time etc…can anyone verify any labor problems or course changes since april…thanks in advance


We just got back and I didn’t notice any problems, I thought the parks looked great.


We also just returned and everything appeared in top shape, as always!


That was my impression …I don’t know if it is something that just cropped up in the last week…when I was there it was tip top…the only problem I noticed was the food court at POR during the daytime hours seemed buried …I don’t know if it was or is the result of a successful dining program participation


Quit? I very much doubt it. You may be able to get 200 people to a labor slow down, a strike or the “blue flu” for contract negotiations, but an organized giving up of your job??? That hurts no one, but the drivers who quit. People have got to feed their families, and I doubt Orlando has so big a labor market that 200 bus drivers could quit at the same time and find other employment.

I’d throw this one into the false rumor category and look for another explanation for slow bus service.


i agree that this is a false rumor, and i also dont think that disney isn’t keeping up with the parks…maybe we are getting messier…but anyways about that whole bus sitiation. The only problem there migfht be is with manegment…teh owner of disney has been said to be taking soem wrong turns…for example he wants to get disney making rated R movies…but there was a vote and it was never deployed…hense why alien encounter is now stitches great escape…also the movies disney are now coming out with are no longer what they used to be , the creativity is different this si dude to when disney had pissed off enough imageneers and they all went to dreamworks and made it wha tit is today…well in all fairness disney can pull through…they always do


I was there ALOT in May, and I only noticed a mess twice, and both were in the queue for Maelstrom, but it was at the VERY end of the day both times. It was apparent some losers had thrown their stuff down, and not cared.

Anyway, park upkeep and bus transporation have been MAGNIFICENT as far as I could tell, and I was there off and on over the whole month.


My thoughts exactly. People need to respect the magic and take the whole second to walk something to one of the millions of WDW trash cans. Hey, some of them even talk…could be a fun adventure for them. :angel: