Can I add a person after Free Dining expiration?


Had anyone ever tried to add another person to your reservation after the free dining promo ended?

We have 7 night MYW w/Free Dining for me and DD (12) and I was considering adding another child (12).

We would be fine on the room and admission but I was wondering if they extend the Free Dining to all people in the room even though it is technically over- (you can’t book a new reservation with the special).

My final payment is not due until July 15th and they said I could make changes until then.



I was told that you could add people to your reservation and as long as they were in the same room with you, they can take advantage of the free dining even if it’s expired.


Woohoo! Great answer!
Now, I just hope everything else lines up :slight_smile:
I thought that would be the case but thought I would ask anyway. Someone always seems to know the answer to odd questions.
Has anyone actually tried?