Can I book my trip today and then use the code tommorow?


ok I am thinking it would make sense to book the trip today and then tommorow morning I was going to call and add on the code to get the meal plan at no cost to me. is that something i can do or will they tell me I have to rebook the trip etc etc. not sure what to do.

another question should i book this with air fare or will I be further ahead to book airfare on my own???

this is so confusing!!! I plan to book this on my own instead of with a travel agent, does that matter when I book this trip with this code ???

           thanks much


Yes, you can do that. I would get the reservation on hold today, then call back up tomorrow and get it changed. I would book our airfare on your own, it is usually cheaper. You can book it on your own, or through a travel agent. If you are confused at all, go through a Disney travel agent, it won’t cost you any more, and you will get the help you need.


I just got off the phone with reservations.
I have already booked my September 2006 trip. They said that if I call tomorros 4/4/2006 I will be able to get the meal plan incorporated in my reservation. They said something as to canceling and rebooking, but I will not lose my deposit.
So, we are going to upgrade our rooms and add an additional day. We are schedule to be there for 8 days, but I only purchased 7 day tickets, purchasing the 8th will ensure that we have meals everyday.
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Those meals were great. We got to WDW late on our first night, with no chance to use any meal plan meals. Then we used our "extra one at Cinderella’s castle. It was great! You will have so much fun enjoying the meal plan!!! There are no worries about your meal!!! Go hungry- you will not leave that way!!!


just a fyi. the free dining is per night not per day. when we had the dining last year on our 8th day (check out day) we didnt have meals even though we still had tickets to the parks. just wanted you to know that if you didnt already so that you could plan accordingly.


I always book airfare on my own. You can typically find much better deals through SWA or Expedia or other travel sites. Especially if you watch the prices everyday!


Just rebooked our vacation… changed our reservation from 7 nights to 8 nights including Passes, Hoppers w/waterpark… Saving $1000.00 - adding the extra day cost us less than the meals in the park…

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