Can I cancel waterparks option?


When we originally booked our trip we picked park hopper plus water park option. We decided since the pool at CBR is so nice we were gonna cancel the water park option. Can we do this? How much do you think it would save us? We still want to be able to park hop though…


Honestly, this is an excellent question that I have never seen on MB. I am interested to find out how it resolves!


Sure you can cancel the waterpark option! How far out are you from your trip?? There may be a charge if you’re leaving soon. Call reservations and ask what it will save you and if there will be a charge for the change.


I think he might be ok, he’s not leaving until June it looks like.


I dont think anything is set in stone until you get there. So I dont think you’d have a problem removing this option.


So I called and cancelled and it knocked 200 dollars off are total so we went ahead and did it. Hopefully the CBR pool does the trick…


I am glad that you were able to make the change and save the money. Hoesntly, unless you use the water park and disney quest you really aren’t saving anything. It is always more cost effective to pay Out of pocket for just one plus option rather than have all those plusses you can’t use.


save 200 bucks and its 40 to get in so if u have less than 5 people and still wanna check out the park its cheaper.
Honestly we love typhoon lagoon its a real neat place if u havent been u
should seriously consider going. The lazy river is what vacation is to me.



The Water Park Fun & More option costs a flat fee of $50 + tax per ticket.

It wasn’t calculated as $200 for the party regardless of size, it was calculated as $50 per person, times 4 people equals $200 (+ tax).

If the 4 of them go to a water park one time, it’ll be 40 bucks times 4 equals $160.

Changes can be made for free to package reservations up until 45 days prior to arrival. HOWEVER, if you pay your reservation off in-full prior to that time, then you’d also be responsible for any change penalties if the change results in a DECREASE in the total amount of the reservation; if the change increases the cost of the package, then they will graciously accept your money.


I’m so glad you were able to save some money. We love the CBR pool and that was before the rehab this past summer. If your kids are still small you’ll do just fine with the resort pool. Have an awesome trip.


If you can, still try and check out the water parks if you’ve never seen them, both are incredible and great fun for everyone, they offer so much more than a hotel pool and it’s a great way to spend the day!


Having cancelled the waterparks part of the tickets also means that now you’ll have to pay to get into Disney Quest. I think that’s covered under the “fun” part of the ticket.


I don’t know about that id like to know about that too…


You’d like to know about WHAT, exactly???