Can I change signature


Is it possible for me to change my settings so I do not see other peoples signatures?


I think it is but I’ve never actually done it. Try going to your User CP and then Edit Options, scroll down and you can uncheck the show signatures.


Ahem, and what is wrong with signatures??? hmmmmm


It’s so horrible to see what other people are excited and happy about; terribly burdensome to just scroll past.

That’s just a guess on my part. :whistling :ninja:


I absolutely LOVE reading other peoples signatures. I think it’s fun and it connects us in some way. :wub:

Mr. Florida - I pm’d you how to turn them off, but I would like to know who your favorite soccer team is! :happy:


I think you got that right Andrea!:laugh:


Maybe WDW-planning is all the happiness he can stand, and the signatures push him over the edge!


I love seeing people’s signatures… at home. At work is a different story. Quite often I find myself turning off avatars and signatures when I’m work, so the screen will look really streamlined and simple - like I’m reading… the news or something. :laugh:


I have turned them off thanks guys. Don’t flame me for not liking them. Some people find Universal and Seaworld boring - I find signatures boring (sorry).

Alicefan - just for you :- Homepage of my fave soccer team


Hey, thanks! :happy: Do you call soccer football? I thought that’s what they called it in England.


To each their own. If you don’t like it, turn em off…lol


i like reading what people write. some of them are very clever and colorful…


Not picking on anybody but unfortunately, some signatures are getting a little big and a little long. The fact that someone has asked how to turn them off is an indication that some of us have gone a little overboard.

Per Mickey’s MB Rules…

Signature Limits
Please limit you signature to five lines or less, small type, and please do not use large type at all. If you have a countdown in your signature, you may have three additional lines. Please do not advertise in your signature. You may put your site in your profile, and it will be linked in all your posts.


That is true. I forgot about that rule. I wonder if my countdown is considered in that three line rule? I would have to take a line out if it is.


I think you’re good Dana. It says three lines in addition to a countdown.


Thanks…wasn’t sure. I really try to follow the rules as much as possible. :heart:


Oh rats, carmichael is right. I was always wondering when a warning was coming down from the top as I added to my signatures. I shall reduce them immediately:dry:


Thank you Richard for being the first person not to flame me for my original comment. I did not mean to upset other peope but I clearly did.

Hey look - I’ve now made 100 posts so will be able to add a countdown to my signature :laugh:


I hope you didn’t take my comment as a flame becasue it wasn’t meant to be, I was just trying to help you out. Sorry if I offended you in some way.


I didn’t flame you.:sad: In fact, I said I wanted to know who your favorite socer team was in an effort to be friendly.:redface: