Can I do Wishes and get to Coral Reef


If I wanted to watch Wishes then get over to an 8:50 reservation at Coral Reef. Doable???


Depends on time of year. Wishes is usually at 10pm, sometimes 9. Or it has been on our trips.


Watch Wishes at Magic Kingdom first?

No, I don’t think this is doable. If this is during the winter months and Wishes is at 9:00, then you have a 20 minute fireworks show, battle the crowds to leave the park, then 15 minute monorail ride to Epcot (plus transfer time from MK express to Epcot loop at TTC), then walk to Coral Reef… the soonest you could possibly get there is 9:35, and if this is during the winter, then Epcot has probably already closed. And if you do get in, you’ll be at least 45 minutes late to your reservation.

Now- if you want to eat at Coral Reef first, then you’ll have say at the fastest a 45 minute dinner, assuming you got seated on time that would put you at 9:35 (definitely out if Wishes is at 9:00), then exit Epcot and take a 15 minute monorail ride to MK (don’t forget, you have to transfer monorails at TTC), that would put you at 9:50 at the absolute minimum time, not including walking time, monorail delays, lines to enter the park, or crowds.

One option - watch Wishes from TTC. They play the music, and you have a good view of the castle. Then, you can just hop on the monorail and head to Epcot or vice versa. But, you’re still at risk of not seeing the entire show or missing it completely.

If you’re dead set on seeing Wishes, I’d cancel the 8:50 Coral Reef ADR. However, if seeing Wishes would just be a “plus” and Coral Reef is the priority, then risk it.


LMM hit all of the variables that will make this impossible.


So Sorry, should have been clearer. This would be in Jan when Wishes is at 8PM.


wow, I’ve never known it to be that early. With it showing at that time then yes it’s doable, but i’d expect to be running through the door with no time to spare.


In order to have any chance of watching Wishes inside the park, and making it to Epcot, Wishes MUST be at 8 PM and will not end until 8:13.
So, you’d best be watching from Main St, near the exits.
And if you don’t catch the first or second monorail out or your transfer at TTC has any hiccups, you’ll be out of luck.
Now, if you’ve made it to Epcot and caught monorails right away, you’ll be at the Epcot gate at 8:45 - 8:50.
If you want to watch Wishes and try to make Epcot in time, watch from the TTC’s ferry landing.

If there’s anyone here who knows the shuffle between the two parks in order to catch both fireworks shows, it’s me. And believe me, it’s a very high stress exercise!

And here’s the final potential pitfall: They might change the park close and the time of Wishes to 9 in order to accommodate larger crowds. It can and does happen with more frequency than one would expect.


One other thing, every single time I’ve raced from park to park, I have always done so solo.
This allows me to set my own pace instead of being slowed down so that the whole group can stay together.