Can I go to Hollywood studios to dinner


My first day in Orlando I’ll be in Universal Studios, but as I have payed for 6 days QS dinning plan I’d like to go to Hollywod Studios for dining (just in case I can see the last hours of Star Wars weekend).

If I do so, am I going to be able to go back to Holliwood Sutudios park the next day?

Is it a bad idea to do that?

Thanks for your answers


you say you have 6 days qs dp, will you have checked in to your disney hotel before you go to universal. If so then you can use your park ticket as you see to. As well as your meal. But if you are not checking in till the next day then no you can’t unless you pay out of pocket for park ticket as well as your meal.


Like said in the above post, you will have to also use one of your park days to enter the park. If you have a 6 days hopper and don’t care if you waste a park ticket just to grab a meal, go for it. Otherwise, I would just grab a counter service meal at any resort or DTD.


If you’ve already checked into your Disney Resort and would like to use dining credits that night, you could eat at any of the resort restaurants without spending a “day” off of your park hopper.


I might add that the QS options at the Studios are lacking… I think many people would agree that there are many other places to eat that you might enjoy more.


I’ve got some questions before I can answer.
1 Will you already be checked in to your Disney hotel?
2 Did you buy your tickets with the park hopper option or are you stuck with one park, one day?
3 How many days is your ticket for?

So, if you are already checked into your Disney hotel before you head to the Studios, and you have a 7 day ticket, preferably a park hopper so you aren’t confined to one park on any given day, and have your heart set on getting in a couple of hours in a park after a day at Universal, yes. So long as you you’re OK with the limited QS choices in the Studios.

If you answer no to any one of those questions, forget it.

I say a 7 day ticket because you say you’ve got a 6 day package, which I assume is 6 nights, 6 days worth of food, and 6 days worth of tickets and further assume you’re going to want to squeeze in some time in a park on your last day before you head back to the airport (or hit the highway). So, you’ll need to add a 7th day, but the difference between 6 and 7 days isn’t that great. I also strongly recommend upgrading base tickets to park hoppers because if you don’t you’re locked into one park that day, and depending on the day, that park could close pretty early, be too crowded, or you simply want to see night time entertainment in a different park.
Don’t worry though, even with the base ticket, you can enter and re enter that park as many times as you want or need, you just won’t be able to go from say, AK to MK on the same day or Studios, which often closes at 7, to Epcot, which always closes at 9. Plus, you need to factor in Extra Magic Hours.


I think the majority of us would agree with leslieh - the food at the Studios is not the greatest. You’d be better off grabbing a bite at your resort (if you have checked in first, of course).


Agreed. the food at studios is randomly good…lol